Team for Brave Ike

Hello there! Recently I’ve been experimenting a lot with my favourite unit, Brave Ike, while he got most, if not all, of my attention these days, I totally forgot aboit thinking of a great team for him! I’d like to hear some opinions and suggestions on a Brave Ike team, here’s my B!Ike:

(Ascia Falciante+ is Slaying Axe+)
I use him with a Close Counter Micaiah and a Legendary Ike, but I don’t think this base is optimal for any of these units

The screenshot messed up.

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I think it should go now, used dropbox sharing this time

Generally you team build so every unit can support each other & coutner each other’s counters.
So the counters for Brave Ike would generally be speedy red swords & red mages. :thinking:
You already have Micaiah to counter mages, but she has trouble dealing with swords.
Maybe put in a fast red mage or a colorless unit?

I can put up a Leon for colorless, or maybe even a Veronica with Close Counter

You probably want more magic damage. :thinking:
CC Brave Veronica is an interesting build, but it should work perfectly fine. She can heal your units, and safely hit enemies to buff allies & debuff foes. :thinking:

Brave Ike
Legendary Ike

Sounds like a good team, although you’ll probably want to change Close Counter on Veronica for something else to increase her attack power for more damage. She’d be the offensive mage on the team essentially.

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If I put up Veronica, I still need a Red unit, and this is the trouble, there are too many to decide, I have the Legendary Ike with the “Thanos” build, the Special Spiral one. I can give Infantry Pulse to both Ikes in order for Miccy to have Glimmer ready instantly and Legendary Ike to have 2CD since the beginning

Don’t you have Legendary Ike on the team? :thinking:
He’s a very dependable red duelist. :birbpeek:

Not for nothing he’s my favourite Red unit (I’m an Ike fan), sending the images of the other units now:

Because of Radiant Aether’s 4 Cooldown, Legendary Ike doesn’t need Quickened Pulse to activate it in 1 round of combat. Warding Breath gives him 2 cooldown to his special every time somebody attack in Enemy Phase.
You could replace that with a seal that could boost his stats more :thinking:

The point is using Brave Ike’s Infantry Pulse, which I just swapped in, combining the two, Legendary Ike uses his Radiant Aether instantly after getting attacked once

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Makes sense :birbpeek:
The team looks good!
Not sure what Assist is being run on the Ikes, but Reposition is generally a good one.
Sacrifice on Micaiah is useful, but unless debuffs are a problem, a movement assist is generally better.
Especially since you have Brave Veronica to heal.

Well…debuffs are what always ruin the day for me, Micaiah’s Sacrifice helps a lot, also yes, the Ikes run Repostition

Both of your Ikes are enemy phase, where Sacrifice won’t help as much :thinking:
Most debuffs only last 1 turn, and moving your unit gets rid of them.
You can definitely keep Sacrifice if they’re a problem though, it’s a pretty good skill. :birbpeek:

Guess you could notice, but I want every member of the team to be able to counter from every range, while the two Ikes are Enemy Phase, Miccy and Veronica are somewhat mixed, Micaiah with her Brazen Atk/Res and Veronica with…well,her weapon.
Anyway, thanks to all for the help!

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No problem! :birbpeek:

@14Sponger Hey my man, I’ve been thinking about a simi,armtank build for my Ike… got DC, but thinking Wrath or SS. I want to do SS but it would be a big commitment as only have one Lewyn left.

Is SS on him the BEST B skill, or is it just ‘good’?

(Anyone can also feel free to answer with their opinions, and experiences)