Team for Nyalter

Got Nyalter with a single roll, I want to use her as damage dealer. Any good team compositions?


Being a berserker she need a support that can help her survive and deal more damage. Shes also berserker with a crit focus skill so she need stars. who doesnt

  • Waver
    He provide a good boost to your damage and survivability. who doesnt use waver for this

  • Mash
    She really excel at boosting your survivability and a little bit of attack. also best eggplant

  • Wu
    an assassin that buff your quick and attack for 20% and decrease enemy def by 20% you can imagine the amount of damage you can deal with that buffs

  • Jack
    She needs stars, so whose better to provide those other than our cute loli assassin or just slap two 2030 CE on your support.

  • Nero Bride
    NP gain up :white_check_mark:
    Attack buff and crit star drop rate :white_check_mark:
    Heal and Def buff :white_check_mark:

  • Osakabehime
    A targetable NP gauge along with a crit star drop rate is quite well for Nyalter along with her def down and buff removal then your set dealing with most enemies that stack def buff or evade/invu skill.
    along with her NP your quick card and NP will hit harder, produce more star and NP gauge.

P.S. I dont have her and the servant that I recommend is the same support that I use for Okita.