Team Go Rocket Email

What is up with the Team Go Rocket email?

Wondering what is going on tomorrow? Wish I knew how to open the attachments because for some reason I can’t open them.

I didn’t get an email. I checked social/promotion/spam/etc :(

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That’s odd. I thought everyone got one. Then I am really confused. I got the email a couple of hours ago and I got an update to disregard the first team rocket email…

I am posting a screenshot…maybe it will come later for you

I got this email too; I was sure it was sent to everyone as other people I knew got them too… this just makes it even more confusing…

There’s going to be an Team Go Rocket event tomorrow featuring the Ballons. It’s just like the event in March.

I’d laughed so much with the Grunt’s interview. We called him Grunt #96 lol

Looks cool

I haven’t had it yet

Just had my first rocket balloon battle… It appears as a shadow on top of your player avatar, and if you zoom out you’ll be able see a black weather balloon with the rocket R on it. Fought Sierra (lucky me) and got myself a shadow Beldum. Even luckier, I had another rocket radar stashed so I went to a black pokestop and fought Sierra again to get another shadow Beldum. It seems like you need a rocket radar to find a balloon (at least for the rocket leaders)

EDIT: They work exactly the same as hacked stops, except that they can appear anywhere and aren’t tied to a stop or gym, just to your location. I suppose that’s nice, at least I can fight rockets in the comfort of my home.

had a decoy grunt balloon show up at home, kinda cool but was hoping we’d be able to TM away Frustration, i have several incredible candidates that need it T.T

Oh great! Cliff would be hang around my house. :unamused: Do I really have to battle Cliff to get Shadow Pinsir?

I would be happier if Shadow Pinsir would jump out of the balloon, land gently on the rose bushes at my house, and then we can have afternoon tea.

Hopefully my tea won’t shoot out of my nose while laughing at Cliff blasting off with Jessie, James, Meowth, & Wobbufett. :rofl:

Just seen my first balloon (14:35 local time in UK).
I hope I see some more as need to beat grunts towards research.

When does the event finish?

I don’t think this is an event per se. I think it is a way for people to play at home in terms because of the pandemic. Players are now able to finish their quests to find Giovanni and get the shadow legendaries. I think the legendary would be an Entei ( a 2nd Entei if you are a new player trying to catch up to get other shadow legendaries). Team Go Leaders have the same Pokémon since April, according to other posts I have read.

I have not done one yet but Sierra floated by my house a few times today, so I assume this is the same as having a fixed / hacked pokestop right near my house. Are the 3 shadows we face the same as with a fixed / hacked stop (ie Sierra always leads with Beldum, are the other six possible mons the same)? What if it takes a few tries to defeat the Raid Boss … does the balloon hang around long enough for that? If it leaves / times out before we defeat the 3 will it have the same line up when it “comes back later”. I may be over thinking this but you can see from my questions that this new twist might end up being WORSE than the old system. Who wants to waste time and effort to do six Grunt raids to get a Rocket Radar only to have it get wasted if the random Mon assignment is overly hard or if one cannot defeat the balloon boss. In the old system if one was unlucky enough to get an incredibly dificult mon / moveset you can always walk to another stop to use your radar.

I suspect you are correct that this is yet another play at home idea. Oddly I suspect we may see more of these ideas as some parts of the USA are mired in a bad Covid situation. However much of the world is in better shape and moving beyond the pandemic so you would think they would focus on restarting EX raids and other events mothballed since March. Niantic generally pays too much attention to its USA fan base (I am a US citizen living abroad) but many of us are ready to get back to the “good old POGO”.

I have seen Cliff and Arlo buzzing around in the balloons but I didn’t battle them for a couple of reasons but I assume that the balloons will stick around for a little bit, so you will be able to have a couple tries to battle and defeat the grunts/Team Leaders. I could totally be wrong but it seemed like the balloons were hovering around for a while when I noticed the balloons were there.

But reasons I don’t battle the Team Leaders…

  1. As far I know their Pokémon are the same since March 2020. So Cliff’s Pokémon is Pinsir, Arlo has Maville, and Sierra has Beldum.
  2. If I read things correctly you will lose the radar when you defeat the Team Leaders while they float by you. You will lose the radars when you defeat the Team Leaders while they are land locked at a Poke Stop.

Don’t know if that helps. If the Team Leaders Pokémons were Pokémons I wanted I wouldn’t mind losing the radar.

The balloons leave, when you beat them.

Yesterday I unequiped my Rocket Radar (I kept seeing Cliff in a Balloon). Today I saw a balloon with a “non boss” female water grunt. It was the same fight as a normal Pokéstop.

Thank you for confirming that Team Leaders stick around until you beat them.

That is a good idea about the radar. No wonder I did not see any grunts flying around.

Yeah I think on Jessie, James, & Meowth on the loose. I guess the only way to find them is with the radar…

Quite dissapointed of Jessie and James. I prepared some of my best mons to face them since I had no idea what mons they would bring. Turned up their mons that I face were pathetic, even worse than some of the Grunts’ mons…

And Giovanni from the balloon too is the weakest Giovanni I’ve encountered so far… Persian, Dugtrio and Suicune. My Machamp took the first two and a chunk of the Suicune, then my Rhyperior finished it off.

Giovanni shouldn’t be hard anyway unless you don’t know how to finish off Persian with scratch. Unless you are using Aggron there’s a fat chance that it can kill you before you break both of its shields and kill it.