Team Go Rocket rotating rewards

It was expected we will get a new Giovanni’s quest each month with different legendary to catch but something is not right in this scenario. As Gamepress states:

Players that did not obtain Articuno last month are now reporting that the Thunder Pokemon has indeed replaced Articuno as the bird of the month.

This is unexpected and if my assumptions are correct - another d**k move of Niantic. Why? Because it again promotes the “wait for something else to happen” behavior instead of focusing on finishing quests as soon as possible. Players who were too lazy to finish “Looming in the shadows” quest last month now have a chance to catch Zapdos instead of much worse Articuno, allowing them to catch two instead of one this month. This assumption is made if they are still able to participate in a new quest for this month which started today. If not - then fine but if they are then it will cause a precedence for players to be able to wait with completing quests till legendaries rotate to something they want to catch in multiplies like MewTwo.

Can anyone confirm if finishing last month quest in December still gives participation in current Go Rocket quest? And more importantly - if finishing the first Looming in the Shadows"quest enables the one from last month?

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Dunno yet but, I would say I haven’t been to lazy to complete it! That’s a bit harsh tbf! It’s actually quite a hard quest to complete for the casual player like myself.

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At some point they should give people that complete 1000 rocket victories access to a better radar that goes right to the leaders. I’m at 380 rocket victories and now I’m really just looking for Sierra bc I’m missing a shiny sneasel…but to be honest I can’t even get a sneasel above 3/3/3, muchless a shiny one.

Sorry if that may have sound wrong but I don’t see it that hard. Not in terms of dedicating some time to look for Team Rocket stops. I’m not a casual player but I’m also far from being hardcore one as I actively play maybe little over 1 hour a day. Rocket leaders fights may be hard but there is finally some chalenge in this game and if I’m able to squize my limited time (work, family) and finish this quest in 2 weeks then I suppose most other players are able to do it as well. Most importantly - I expect to be rewarded for my efford. This means getting more exclusive pokemon than someone who finishes this quest in 2 months later.

As a long time player, I already have all the Zapdos and Articuno I need. So, I don’t really care which I am offered. The thing that annoys me is that I need to spend 15-45K dust each month to purify mon that I already have, and have already invested dust and candy in. I think I may do it one more time, and just keep the super radar so that I can continue to encounter decoy headquarters. I will gain dust from those, and maybe they will drop something I want someday, but to date no leader encounter has dropped a shiny or unova stone, even though I do one daily. So, I mostly just want to receive dust, not spend it, for these encounters.

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If they look like “work” to you don´t do them. This is a mobile phone game, you are supposed to have fun.

I’m a little salty about the rotating 'mons. Its the holiday season here (USA) and winter (which means really cold, snow, and closed roads, etc). Lot less time to play than a month or two ago and now we have surprise time-gated quests. It’s not like other quests where the reward stays the same for the whole quest.

I’m not too lazy to complete this quest. Heck, I don’t even consider it to be a Quest - it’s an irritation. I just don’t care about catching ANOTHER Articuno, Moltres or Zapdos. Especially not when I have to put so much work into it and spend so much In Game resources (Potions, Revives, Stardust, Candies) for a Pokemon I’m simply not going to do anything with (beyond MAYBE getting a great Moltres - MAYBE). I just bothered to finish Part 3 of the quest, now I need to defeat 13 Team Rocket Grunts (already have 5 parts), then I need to find each of the Leaders? Considering how annoying it gets trying to find even one of the Leaders, that’s a part of the quest I don’t particularly care for. (More annoying than difficult; I just ask on Discord where people have seen a particular leader, and if I can go there, I go there.)

For players who weren’t around for the raid days for those Pokemon, who haven’t gone through 3-4 Legendary Rewards weeks getting those Pokemon, it’s probably a nice quest, and might be worth completing. But I don’t need them - not only that, I don’t WANT them. And knowing that the bird will change if I don’t complete this quest in December, I’m seriously considering waiting until January to complete it now because I MIGHT be interested in actually keeping and using a Purified Moltres. Then I can ignore this quest in the future until it goes away, and might actually get something useful out of the 40K in stardust I wasted to get 1 Perfect Purified Porygon and finish that part of the quest line.

Im actually mad,because i finished quest 1 December morning and i received Zapdos, while still havent Articuno. Waited OVER WEEK to find that bastard Giovanni, because anytime i find something on my radar, it was decoy…

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