Team "good luck doing damage"

I just want to look for general thoughts about my team here. This team is meant to brute force tank all threats, regardless of who they may be. Without further ado, let me show you the first two members:

Idunn and idunn are the tanks and damage dealers of this team. I tried to give them some synergy with one another. As you can see, one has res smoke, and the other has atk smoke. This is to help increase both kill power and survivability. This is also emphasized in my choice of seals. Duo idunn has def/res bond, and usually is placed in the lead, with idunn behind her. Hence the atk/res bond. They also have S support with one another. Im sure you’re thinking how i could possibly increase the defenses, and so i will introduce member 3:

Azura here serves a few purposes, all of the support variety. Atk tactic gives a baseline buff, which can then be spread with her gray waves. This then gives that +6 buff to not just atk, but def, res, and spd too. Guidance and aerobatics are here for giving me some movement options with both azura and my armors. But I’m not done buffing yet. I now have the cherry on top:

Eliwood here is giving his services with blazing durandall and rally spd/res+. Usually, the bonus doubler affect goes to duo idunn. For those of you counting at home, we get +6 def/res from gray waves, then that is doubled from eliwood. And on top of that, support gives +2 atk/spd/def/res, and then def/res bond gives +5 def/res. If my math is correct, that is +14 atk, +14 spd, +19 def, and +19 res on a fully buffed spring idunn.

Feel free to share your own tanky teams, and if anyone has any suggestions to improve my team, please let me know!


such tank, much wow


Duofonse and lchrom, if that doesn’t work slap dominance on them and you just die.


How much damage does he get from stubbing is toe?


chuckles you fool! You forgot my duo skill!

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Ooh awesome (with best girl! :feh_ceciliaculture:), I might have a team to share but Idoun alone already does the tanking pretty well, I’ll check tho.

Anyways, I think you can try using an [Attack +3] seal on OG Idoun, so that you can pair her attack stat with the Spring one, letting you run them both with [Bonus Doubler] status :feh_reinyes:


L!Alm and L!Celica. And other forms of true damage.


You can’t use a duo skill on defense


@GVader end this man’s career


Methinks Triangle Adept would be good against this almost entirely red team, although that’s mostly reserved for AA :feh_morganagrom:


Robin time :feh_robinsmirk:


Sic your +10 bridal micaiah on these fools

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oof forgot about defense. I was thinking pure offense.


This is probably the closest sample I have, my style of gameplay normally involves offence:

My team - GHBs


Okay but she’s a limited 5 star exclusive

Oboro is a gen 1 launch unit at 3-4 stars who would solo this entire gen 3+ team lol


I mean even just a solid blue with TA should be able to. Or L!Julia.


Ususally I can tank her just fine lol

Me: look’s at Title

Also Me: Wait I should be the one saying that


You didn’t even mention what mode this team was for.

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crawls out from box
I don’t have a clue whars going on but I’m here again.