Team help for gohan yellow

I want to build a team around the yellow transformation gohan, who could I put in with him? (I now have vegeta blue transformation)


Screenshot_20200401-233832_DB LEGENDS|243x500 !

Screenshot_20200401-233851_DB LEGENDS|243x500

Sad that you don’t got full power Bojack, you could go for a big movie team :/
But you still can do a very decent Movie team :

Core : YEL Transfo Gohan - BLU Transfo Vegeta - PUR Transfo Trunks (waiting for Bojack)
Bench : GRN Goku movie A13 - RED Tapion - RED Broly

Or you can put him in a YYB team :
Core : YEL Transfo Gohan - YEL Hit - BLU Transfo Vegeta
Bench : Only yellow boost attack.

Thanks and yeah I do really want the boujack

Just got boujack now would I replace him with trunks?