Team leader battles

Just did my team leader battle for the stardust and boy was that harder than yesterday! :cold_sweat:Charge move minigame is actually interesting rather than thumb-aching and the 'mons used (as well as shield coverage) made for what felt like an actual battle rather than just a minigame for 500 stardust!

Well done Niantic, much improved! :sunglasses:

RIP anyone trying to grind out Ace Trainer :rofl:
By looks of the fastest path to victory is sending Rampardos out against Candela in Master League, though I haven’t had time to check it myself so I could be wrong. Either that or a PuP user against Blanche’s Great League team.

Yeah, still not tough, though they use shields now

This is what I do. But my Rampardos is level 35, so it’s not quite a wet paper bag. You do need to fire a Rock Slide ASAP if Infernape is packing Rock Smash.

Is their lineup semi-random? I thought she’d retired that monkey.

Maxed PC/double move Mewtwo is very helpful to burn shields. Candela has a Salamence, Ice Beam obviously KOs it. This beats Blanche easy in great league, as it should bc they have two moves and Play Rough deletes Sneasel, PuP smacks them too

They changed the line-up. Candela’s Master League team now consists of Entei, Salamence, and Moltres.

I will miss my Gyarados tearing apart Candela’s Master League team wihout using any shield. The moment her Electivire came on, it would be Hydro Pumped in the face before it could do any damage. Salamence is a tougher nut to crack; looks like I need to change Hydro Pump to Outrage (which may be better for gym defence), use Crunch to bait shields and shield Entei’s Flamethrower.

Or just go with Rock Ttar and sometimes only need shield Entei and kill em all with Smack Down, ignoring charge move.


Yeah, just straight Smackdown Tyranitar worked vs Candela, w/ no charged move. I have a maxed Rampardos, so that can contribute fast moves only, too. Not that much different than when Kyogre did it alone.

I haven’t posted in a long time, but this deserves it. It is significantly harder, but it’s nice that it takes skill outside of tapping fast, it will actually take practice. I wish they would randomize the leader’s pokemon tho. Overall the new battle system and appraisal system are much better.

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At least the trainer battle is playable more the once a day for rewards (granted today was its first day). I just got a better job, but moved from a 1.75mil city to a 240k city…much more crime in the midsized city though, much less spawns and worse parks here. So while not actually rural, coming from my spoiled area feels it. Could be that boredom that is putting a shine on a moderate improvement.

Lucario with PuP still tears through Sparks ML team. Definitely more fun though.

Blanche Ultra League gets fried by Blast Burn Typhlosion, I guess Master League trainers are the only ones that shield. Heck, blast burn Typhlosion with shadow claw beats Candela Ultra somewhat easy, too

I’ve done a good number of trainer battles today. it is 10pm here…for some reason I just got 400 stardust, unexpected for sure. ***Update, I didn’t get my trainer battle rewards for the following day. Switching phone app windows from here to there probably confused the clock

Before I use a level 30 Kyogre against Candela. Infernape can’t use Solarbeam before Kyogre uses Hydro Pump. You have most of your energy filled for Hydro Pump by the time Electivire comes out, so you use 3 more Waterfalls and can then Hydro Pump it for the KO before it uses any charge moves. You can then Waterfall Moltres for the KO easily. You probably wouldn’t need to shield any random charge moves, but I would anyways since Infernape can use Close Combat.

Kyogre may not be able to solo the team now since Electivire can now shield.

Electivire got replaced by Salamence on Candela’s team, so even if you TMed Blizzard on to your Kyogre, it would be slow going, as Candela would repeatedly shield Blizzard, resulting in you (slowly) having to bring down Salamence with the resisted Waterfall. Also, Infernape got replaced by Entei, though Kyogre doesn’t care about anything Entei can do.

Just tested the new battle against Candela. You’re right BlameScott.

I cleared her using Kyogre lvl30 (Waterfall/Hydro Pump though the charge move probably made no difference) and Mamoswine lvl40 (Powder Snow/Avalanche). Kyogre easily beat Entei and I didn’t shield against an Overheat. I had saved up enough energy to use a Hydro Pump on a Fire Fang Salamence which it shielded. Then I switched to Mamoswine. I used one Avalanche which Salamence shielded and KOed it with enough energy for another Avalanche before Salamence could use a charge move - thank you high-energy gain Powder Snow and high-energy cost Mence charge moves. Mamoswine then beat Moltres using the precharged Avalanche and another Avalanche before Moltres could use another charge move or KO Mamoswine.

Note that I didn’t use any shields in that scenario and I didn’t need to. Helpful in case something goes wrong and you find you need to shield. I had SD/SE+Cr Ttar in the back just in case.

Can definitely see why Rock-types are the go to now - her entire team is weak to them.

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Just to drop this in, a high-level Rampardos can sweep Candela’s team using fast moves alone. Shielding against Entei is required but I was able to tear through her team without touching Rock Slide.

Now that they can shield, charged moves are a waste of time. You would have to play through the whole mini-game three times before one of them actually lands.