Team Names?

I’m curious to see who else here has bothered to name their teams in FGO. Feel free to post yours here, explain their name and what they’re for, or be coy and invite others to guess the meaning behind their names. Or just post funny ones. That’s always good as well.

Backstory & my team names

I started naming my teams a few months ago when I got tired of constantly having to remake teams over and over again because I deleted them for space. So instead I decided to have designated slots. At first I figured I’d just do 6 - one for QP dailies, one for EXP dailies, one for Lottos/point ladders and 3 for the currencies in shop events.

Then I decided I’d just name them all according to letters in the Greek alphabet from Alpha to Kappa. But I wanted to distinguish them more so I decided to give them code names. At first I was going to just name the currency teams Bronze, Silver, and Gold but then decided that it might be a bit insulting to some servants if they were ranked lower in a hierarchy of farming teams. So instead I thought it might be nice if I made the code names related to the colors/concepts but not them exactly.

For Bronze/Silver/Gold I tried thinking of the coolest words/ideas that were associated with each and when I realized that Bronze was Mahogany and Silver was Mercury I decided to make the code name of Gold be Midas so that it matched the Ms of the others. They are the Eta, Theta, and Iota teams respectively. Jackpot is the code name of the team for lottos and occupies the Zeta team slot. Killer is the code name of the team for CQs & story fights and occupies the Kappa slot. Quantum is the code name of the team for the QP daily and occupies the Alpha slot. Inferno is the code name for the Ember daily team and occupies the Beta slot.

The remaining teams I have are meant to be variable farming slots for whatever mats I need at a time but they can also just be used if I need more slots for something else but can’t otherwise delete a team. They will always be the Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon teams and their current code names are Phoenix, Undying, and Draco. I’m sure you should be able to guess what they’re meant to farm based off their names and their lineups.

I’m posting my teams here, they’re all relevant in one way or another to their slot even if they’re a bit outdated (like how the two of the current currency farming teams I have aren’t all suited for the current nodes but rather ones that I had when the event started) or untested (like the team with Phantom I’m waiting to take to Deming to test out once Gilfest is over).

Alpha Team - Quantum

Beta Team - Inferno

Gamma Team - Phoenix

Delta Team - Undying

Epsilon Team - Draco

Zeta Team - Jackpot

Eta Team - Mahogany

Theta Team - Mercury

Iota Team - Midas

Kappa Team - Killer


My only named teams are the class based ones:
Saber - Saber the Moment
Archer - Bowjob
Lancer - Fancy Lancey. The only one that isn’t a pun as I couldn’t think of a good one
Rider - Rider Die
Caster - Casterway
Assassin - Assassifier. A bit of an explanation behind this one is that it irked me that Assassins didn’t follow the -er suffix naming of the rest of the classes so I “solved” it by mangling it into an adjective
Berserker/delete button team - Zerk Off


I’m now imagining a world where “Assassin” is called “Sneaker” or something equally stupid in order for it to fit the naming of the others.


I name them after the mats I’m most likely to be farming, so I have “Courthouse, Feathers” and “Yaga Tula, Frosts”. Stuff like that.

That takes up about 6 slots, then during events I have a story one that I change from one round to the next and the farming one that changes only from one currency to the next.


Seems like you’re the reverse of me then. In reality it does make sense that often times you farm bronze/silver/gold in order so changing one slot for that order is an efficient way to keep open other slots.

My thing is just when you have events where you have to go between using CEs of different rarities rather than just clear one at a time (usually mission events), it makes more sense for me to have dedicated teams to each rarity of currency and only have to swap out the servants rather than the CEs.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen phantom’s final arts before, he doesn’t have a RUQ yet so I never gave him the bones for the last ascension

Any team names I give are very basic: feathers, pages, gears, crystals… You catch my drift.

But I’m also rather bad at renaming them when the purpose changes, so often my names are nonsensical.

But not that I’ve got some more universal options figured out with my buffed up arash or paracelsus, zerkalot double loop, I should come up with some awesome names. :fgo_mordredthink: Maybe Shooting Stars for the arash variant and Critial Elements for the paracelsus variant


Honestly despite leveling Phantom I hadn’t gotten around to using him for the first time until Setsubun and I saw his damage… :fgo_casgilworry:

I’m just glad he can farm SOMEWHERE (outside Fuyuki X-C like everyone can) because I kind of lost all faith in him when I saw it at first. It was also nice that SHelena could take the 2nd wave to the point that it would remove all RNG (at least according to the calculator).

I used to never name my teams but yeah, once you start to have an idea of what you want to start keeping in slots - like your universal options or your mat teams - it starts to make more sense. I’d say I’m also not very good at naming things unless I use a system. I can tell you right now I’d never get past a character creation screen half the time if I didn’t use google translate for words that sound cool in other languages.


Mine are also pretty basic, mostly just reminding me what the team was for (“Caster Daily Farming”, “Arts Stall”, etc.). This thread has inspired me to come up with some more creative ones, though!


Show us what you come up with when you do :fgo_umu:


I’ve labelled comps for specific use like Events 1, Events 2, QP Farming, and DSS but for specific comps all I have is Mash - Raikou - Support Merlin as “Ol’ Reliable”

Events 1 has the support on the frontline and Events 2 has the support on the last slot because all I care about them is their bonus.

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1000 hours in MS Paint


Okay, here are my three main teams:

First, my favorite team, named for the joy it brings me:

Next, my arts stall team, featuring Kiara:

Finally, my crit-focused quick team:


The Homies… They are my homies. As you can probably tell, I am rather creative.


I just realized that St. George first ascension vs final ascension could be one of those “not this, that” memes that appear in different forms every now and again



Once again, 1000 hours in MS Paint


Who are the homies in your case?

Heh, nice! That may come in handy!

They are all self-explanatory, such as “Saber Dailies”, “Doors”, etc.

Except for the First Lineup: “F(ail) G(reatly) O(of)”. It’s funny, ok?


You know funny enough, I never made this connection but I bet there’s at least one person who has their QP team named “Riders on the Storm” or something. Just seeing “Doors” as a team name was enough to trigger the connection.

Hmm... Mine are as basic as they come:
  1. Lostbelts (Obviously rearrange them for every story battle)
  2. Doesn’t really have a name. I just use this one to fool around a bit.
  3. Daily EXP
  4. Daily Materials
  5. Daily QP
  6. Copper
  7. Silver
  8. Gold
  9. Lottery/Ladder
  10. Challenge Quests

I mean to be fair I didn’t even have the decency to name mine until I got inspired one day. At least you have set slots.