Team Rocket strategy

Is there a list of all possible Grunt teams for each message?

The “coiled and ready to strike” teams can be tough, as following the type chart will not help. Ground is resisted by the Zubat line and vulnerable to Grass attacks from the Bulbasaur line. Psychic is vulnerable to Bites from the Zubat line and some attacks from the Grimer line.

Trying to decide on my team for the harder Grunts (whose messages mention winning). My potentially relevant (thus not Blissey) maxed mons are Dragonite (DT/OR), Metagross (BP/MM), Tyranitar (Bi/Cr), Groudon (MS/EQ), Machamp (Ct/DP), Maomswine (PS/Av), Gyarados (WF/HP+Cr) and Mewtwo (currently PC/IB but will change in future). Of course, Dragonite handles starter teams like a boss and Metagross is resistant to all Dragonite moves and ZH Snorlax, while Machamp and Mamoswine are probably too frail.

What should I do with the numerous Shadow Pokemon that I catch? Any reason not to send 0* and 1* ones straight to the professor?

I think two SD tyranytar and one moltres is a good initial choice for “coiled and ready for action”.

The tricky part is hitting something with a type effective fast move. I was blissfully using metagross for snorlax until I hit one with lick, for example. So, I think it is good to have a plan B. If the first round is not going well, use it to explore the opposing lineup, then pick you’re plan B team.

I’ve been purifying all the 1000 dust ones (zubat, golbat, rattata, edit: and magikarp) to work up the purify medal. Otherwise, I dump them all unless they would purify to 96% or better, except the one Dratini I got (0/3/7), which I’m saving for someone to get in a trade, and the snorlaxes, also tradable.

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There isn’t such a list at the moment. For “coiled” I rarely have to use more than one SD Ttar. But it doesn’t hurt to lose. You can always try again and you’ll know what team you’re facing.

SD Tyranitar is great against the Zubat line, but if the Grunt sends on the Bulbasaur line…

When I lost, I could not find a way to revive my fainted fighters for the rematch. Is there a way that I missed?

Good idea! I could use an extra Premier Ball for that Shadow Snorlax that ran away…

I tend to go with two pokemon that counter the teaser, then one strong generalist, often something like Dialga/Dragonite/Rayquaza.

The first two often get the job done. The 3rd is there in case they throw a curveball into the mix.

Case in point, did a Snorlax over the weekend so naturally I went with three Tyranitars. Second opponent was a Poliwrath, which was devastating and I only just managed to beat it with heavy losses.

I don’t think I’ve seen an assembled list for every potential Rocket Team. I guess the best way to prepare for them would be to see the list of possible shadow Pokemon and keep them + their evolutionary line’s typings in mind. “Coiled and ready to strike!” is easily dealt with by my SD Tyranitar and MM Metagross regardless of the Pokemon they use.

Some Pokemon of mine who see frequent use in rocket fights would be as follows:

  • SD/SE Tyranitar

  • B/C Tyranitar

  • PC/SB/IB Mewtwo

  • BP/MM Metagross

  • DB/DM Dialga who I’m considering 2nd moving Iron Head for faster charge attacks

  • MS/EQ/SB Groudon, less frequent use

  • SC/SB Giratina-O, significantly less frequent use

The fights are less about having type advantage and more about playing type resistances to stay in longer. For example, rock and steel resist poison so Tyranitar, Metagross, and Dialga would be my go-to’s. I’d typically lead with Tyranitar because SD can usually handle the first couple of Pokemon by itself (Zubat is a very common first pick for poison teams).

If the final Pokemon is Crobat I can fire off a Stone Edge which usually takes it out, and if not a couple Smack Downs will do nicely. If it’s Venusaur or something that would otherwise wreck Tyranitar I’ll switch to one of the other two. In the case of Venusaur, Dialga is nice here since it doubly resists literally anything Venusaur can throw at it.

Purify the ones that only cost 1k dust for that Purifier badge. The extra ball may not mean much now but once shadow legendary Pokemon get introduced I’m sure you’ll be glad to have the extra throws.

Don’t accept the rematch. Go into your items and use whatever you need then click the pokestop again.

Relevant to the thread; apparently research on what exact line-ups are possible have been compiled.

What’s interesting to note is that grunt gender plays a hand in determining line-up.


Rock-type seems to hit a lot of these for SE while taking resisted hits. I frequently use T-tar and A-Golem (though I change it up depending on the grunt type) but if I know what I’m going up against, I can use a much lower CP 'mon and still take the win. For instance, I regularly solo with disposable Pidgeot vs Grass-type grunts and Solrock against Poison-types (as long as I don’t hit a Razor Leaf user). Using lower tier 'mon helps with potions too since I don’t feel like I need to quick revive them for a raid.

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I’ve killed all Grunts except for one with this team:

  • Mewtwo: PC/ShB+Thb
  • Metagross: BP/MM
  • Mamoswine: PS/Av

The only one time I failed was vs 2x Snorlax + 1x Dragonite, with both of the Snorlax featuring Lick and therefore dealing too much damage to the my first 2 mons. Adding 2x C/DP L40 Machamp instead of them made the win for me.

At some point, I expect we’ll be faced with Giovanni, not a grunt, and be trying to catch a shadow Lugia. For that, I’m going to want every ball I can get. So get the Purify and Rocket medals up to at least silver before slowing down.