Team Rocket

Has anyone ran into the snorlax, gardevoir, snorlax battle? I could not find a combination to beat it. The first snorlax had lick and skull bash and gardevoir had charm and unknown charge and last snorlax had lick and unknown charge also. I tried until I literally had no more viable options and failed miserably

I’d suggest Dialga, Ttar, Smacktar for this combo.

Also is it just me or are there a lot more rocket raids now than there were like two weeks ago? I’m liking it.

I tried every combination smack down and bite and even if I hit a stone edge I’d die right after or have to burn a shield. Dialga the same and they’re all above or at 30. I think I did best with ursaring,metagross,snorlax but died before the last snorlax got off a charge move or died

I have noticed sometimes with Dialga it comes down to either me or the snorlax fainting on the very next hit. Mine’s IVs aren’t the greatest but it’s powered up to lvl 40

I just remembered, too – there’s a guy who took down a snorlax using alolan raticate.

I’ve taken ‘Lax combos with Latios (double dragon) and Ursaring (fighting set). The Latios pulls me through because Dragon Claw never stops and when ‘Lax has Zen Headbutt, I don’t care.

Save a Meteor Mash Metagross (if you have one) for that Gardevoir, or, on the remote chance you have a stacked Clefable (like level 35) carrying Meteor Mash, that’ll help.

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My usual go-to lineup for the Snorlax grunt battles is: Smacktar, Dialga, and Raikou (in case there’s a Poliwrath or a Gyarados in the lineup). Since my Raikou has both Wild Charge and Shadow Ball, it can handle Charm Gardevoir as well.

The Line up I use for Snorlax grunts is

Ursaring with Counter/CC
Metagross with MM
Sub: SD Tyranitar

Ursaring absolutely destroys Lick variants thanks to its normal typing combined with fighting moves, while Metagross destroys Zen Headbutt variants. Metagross also obliterates Gardevoir and threatens Dragonite. Poliwrath is handled by Leafeon, which leaves my only hole as Bite Gyarados. I switch one of my mons out for SD Tyranitar in that case.

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Rock moves as secondary charge moves are always useful for that very reason: running into the occasional Flying type, and if I have a charge on deck or at least almost there, it’s night-night. :wave:t2:

I am definitely lacking on the dual charge moves for most, the lick snorlax left most close to done even when I resisted types. Some of your comments I didn’t use but i dont know what was so special about it I went down like I couldn’t believe. Stopped when I had literally 0 usable Pokémon because it was so frustrating and when I could of revived and tried again of course it’s gone so no luck

I only came accross a couple of Snorlax battles and they were all easy, so I never met such a challenge.

How about Registeel? Resists fairy, psychic and normal, packs fighting and steel moves, has great bulk. I suppose It should perform well here.

Ursaring is the 'mon for taking down Snorlax. Even on grunts that have two, one Ursaring will take them both regardless of moveset (though Body Spam might be too much on both).

Luckily, since Body Slam is a legacy move for Snorlax, you won’t have to worry about going up against it in grunt battles. :grin:

I’ve been there for like a week lol. Damn Rocket grunts stealing all the revives and potions from stops…


For those “randomized” Grunts I use the team of Smacktar, Magnezone and Dragonite. Smacktar is the Snorlax/Charmander/Dragonite killer, Magnezone is used to obliterate Water types as well as Gardevoir (haven’t run into one with Charm however), and Dragonite finishes the Grass starters.

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A combo of Dialga and MM Metagross usually works wonders, but Lick can affect Metagross quite a lot. Good luck!

Male Grunts will use a team comprising Gen 1 starters, which Dragonite is a great counter to. Female Grunts will use Snorlax and other non-starters.

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my team for all type of grunt battles except plants is
lvl 40 Swampert
I also run aswell and it is potion-efficient, specially against snorlax comps
The one that got me surprised how good it is was Aggron And also you can easily run 2 attacks Aggron and 2 attacks Swampert since they have a very low cost for a second charged attack. This team will give you iron,rock,water,ground and fighting attacks to cover pretty much anything that comes at you. Ursaring can be changed for any other CD initial if required.

Aggron shines in Ultra League, tbh. Cheap attacks, solid moves, few weaknesses (though the meta does revolve around them for good reason).

I use Aggron too. Kills the Normal Grunts with ease.