Team setup

Hey so im new on fgo and im struggling on doing summer 3 can anyone help me build a team setup for summer 3 here is my servant list

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For summer, you really just want as many drop servants as possible. Jeanne Beserker, Mashe, and Robin Hood are must haves. If you are struggling, I mean, you more or less need to use your 5 stars with a support carry, that is what I am doing.

Otherwise, it depends on the node you are farming. Bring your Parvati if you are grinding archer enemies, obviously. Heracles should work if you do not want to level anyone. Like, for archer, you have the 3 best silver archers (David and Euryale), you should be set with them alone to be honest.

Ceasar for Saber. Ushi for rider.

Not sure what to tell you, I guess it depends on your exact problem.

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Ok thanks for the reply

I’m using this setup for the Hilo free quest to give you an idea.
Wave 2 is where Helena archer will NP & try to recover her NP gauge. Soften up the demon first.
Wave 3 is support Jarcher with Robin overcharging.

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Hope I can add a little extra help despite the good answers already here. This is the party I use to run quests against most nodes unless they’re Saber nodes (in which case I just nuke it with Robin and a friend Jarcher). You can ignore the guy riding in the backseat he’s just there for the points, and you don’t have CasGil so ignore him too.

In my view, there are 4 ways you can go about this:

A: borrow a friend’s Servant and protect and buff them at all costs in which case, fielding Mash is essential for defense. Ishtar could also work as a pseudo-support and to help soften up W2. Hans would also be very good too if you can level him up.

B: Level up Robin to at least 2nd Ascension for his Golden Rule & Hans (if possible) and field them with Mash. Robin does stupid damage with his NP if his poison lands with Sabotage and if you can manage to Overcharge it, you could even overkill bosses.

What I do with my own setup is raise Mash’s and Robin’s NP on W1 (usually takes 3-4 turns),Robin nukes mini-boss on W2 and Mash uses NP to keep defense up, charge up NP again, and use Robin to nuke last boss. It takes, at least, about 11-12 turns. It’s slow to be sure, but it’s pretty sturdy.

C: If you feel confident you can finish the main quest (and I think you could even if you’re a newcomer considering the Apples you get as a quest reward), you can level up Jalter and use her as DPS. This was something I did against Lancer enemies when I can’t put Robin in the frontline but still want that full sweet, sweet bonus. If you don’t want to level up more than one Servant, she could be an alternative BUT SHE IS VERY SQUISHY. One wrong move and it’s over for her. She needs constant babying. It’s up to you whether you want to take that risk, although if she falls, you can still use a backup since you have one free slot for whoever you want.

D: You just farm the lower AP nodes. You won’t get the full rewards of the 40 ones but at least there’s no risk of wasting AP on a failed run.