Team suggestions?

I was wondering if anyone could suggest teams for this noob.
(I’m at Camelot)

Best place to ask for help would be here: General Support Thread - Ask Here First! (All Players Welcome).

I’d strongly recommend you finish maxing Euryale, though.

Edit: Also, welcome to the community!

A comp for what?
Farming or story boss?
For the for Lancelot + double Skadi is the best comp you might do (but you probably don’t have all the pieces needed to do it yet). Otherwise Drake + Arash + Support Waver + plugsuit Skadi is also a possibility but less efficient.
For boss killing you’ll probably have to rely on Ozy or Penthesilea + Support Merlin. You can then either go the slow way by completing your frontline with Mashu or try to play a bit more aggressively with Skadi (her NP battery skill allow to boot your damage dealer much faster, she almost perfectly emulate Waver in that regard).
Note that there are a certain number of fights against Saber bosses in Camelot you have several possibilities:

  • Raise a native archer ( Stheno Euryale for example )
  • Find a friend with a maxed MHX or MHXA a use her as pointman supported by Skadi and Ishtar Rider
  • Solo these fights with a friend support like Artoria Archer, Kuro…

Um… Stheno isn’t an Archer…

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Mistook her with her sister Euryale? :thinking:
Anyway. There are plenty ST Archers, picking any of them that is 3* or above is fine.

Team Best Girl: Nero/doesn’t matter/also doesn’t matter

You’re welcome!

In all seriousness, your roster is still pretty fragmented and has little inherent synergy, so just try to run your favorite counter-class servants for any given node. Skadi, Hans, and Mash will be your main supports, so invest in their skills.

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Could we get screenshots of the rest of your Servants? Even if they’re level 1, it would tell us what you actually have.

It only lets me post one s reenshot per post

You can invest in Diarmuid Saber. He is a good ST Saber able to NP loop under double Skadi framework. Basically a Okita lite version.

Euryale. David and arash will realllllllly come in handy
You’re doing better than I did leveling David. I had to speed raise him which wasn’t fun. But euryale will one shot gawain with her np easy. If not she will atlesst cut his hp in half. A friend archuria goes a long way as well (she makes boss mordred the easiest boss you will ever face)
The game press chamelot boss guide will come in handy because each one has a special "gift " from the king that makes them painful to battle. Some their weakness isn’t what they seem … youll see when you get to tristan and lancelot. Also a thread here

Fate/Grand Order - GamePress Community" Any Tips for Camelot?

That has a lot of good tips that you may find helpful.

As far as team comps go. Just go by class advantage for each node. Your lancelot will see a lot of use as will arash. Double skadi lance and waves are no problem . Good solid riders. You have ishtar. Ushi and ozy. As well as drake. You’re good there. You’ll be relying on mash. Hans. Skadi. Friend waver for support a lot. Penth can take out most if not all wave bosses. So she is a great one to invest in as well. Fragile very. So will rely on mentioned support or plug suit (you’ll use it more than anything) support merlin is your best friend for her.
Diarmuid you’ll need him. You’ll also need a good assasain. Id say raise one but that class is hardly ever priority unless u like using them. Friend support jack and shiki are a dime a dozen just grab one.
But you will be using your beserkers a lot so prepare your support servants.

Depends on what you’re going for. Like if you’re farming for tickets right now, I’d go for Emiya, Arash and Scathach-Skadi for the front team, maybe giving Arash Grudge Match. Have Skadi help him build up his NP until you get to the final wave then hit them with Skadi’s party def down and then launch Stella.

If you’re going for fries, you will probably have to rely on an assist with an AOE NP like Semiramis. If not, you can use Lancelot if you supply him with Skadi and Mash, and a defensive Mystic Code just to help keep him alive. Also, try and use Skadi and Arts chains to bring up his NP gauge until you get to the final wave. At that point, like with Arash, activate the party def down and power Lancelot with the Quick Up to go crazy. Activate your NP if it’s charged by this point.

For hotdogs I would put in Emiya, David and Arash with Mash and Lancelot in back in case things go south. Euryale would help if any of the targets had the male trait, but as it is, Arash nuking the final phase should be fine with Grudge Match.

Lastly for burgers, go for Artoria, Nero and Mash. Give Grudge Match to either Artoria or Nero and build up that NP with Chains. (I know, I sound like a broken record by this point) And as usual, launch NP at final wave and see results.

As for Challenge Quests, well…that is going to take experimentation. I will say, though, that your best bet for the first challenge quest with Touta, you’re more than likely going to use an assist Enkidu with an LB’d Grudge Match. It’s practically made for that quest.

Thanks for all the help I appreciate it