Teambuilding help (and when to fodder 5*s)?

hi all, i’ve had this app on my phone since release but i never really played the game outside of logging in to collect orbs/doing monthly missions and sometimes tap battle for the accessories.
to give you some sense of where my teams are at, i can do stuff like tempest trials and story modes just fine, but struggle with harder modes such as chain challenge, grand hero battles and arena/AR.

last banner, i got sothis (fave!) which makes me want to get into the game more seriously because i’m motivated to build a team around her. i tried looking around gamepress for builds but i’m still afraid to sacrifice 5 stars for their useful skills because they’re so hard to get (skills like null follow-up, death blow 4, etc. seem to feature on a bunch of units). also, it’s kind of overwhelming with how many charas there are in this game now. so, main questions i wanted to ask are:

  1. what are the best units i can focus on building, assuming many of them are blank/have not inherited any skills?
  2. are dragon teams more viable than beast teams? what would be a good basic team based around sothis?
  3. are there any 5*s that are better off as books (i.e., most likely will not be used)?
  4. how important are ivs???

here are all the 5* units i have for reference. i’m still f2p at the moment but might consider spending in the future if i’m invested enough.


  1. most newer units come with a fairly solid kit and have the most recent version of powercreep, so newer heroes will likely perform better without the use of skill inheritance versus older units.

  2. I would not say dragons are more viable as dragon effectiveness is plentiful vs beast effectiveness, however, the frequency of facing either weapons is fairly low overall, but I don’t run either type.

  3. If you have multiple copies of a 5* hero and one at level 40, there is no harm in manual-ing the additional copies, though do note if you have given the character to be manualed any inheritance it will be lost.

  4. IVs are entirely build dependant, some builds they make a character insanely effective, other builds the variance in effectiveness is largely negligible.

The best units to focus on are your favorites. Most units will require some level on investment, so it depends. There’s some units who are easier to build and use than others (Like B!Lyn and B!Veronica - who are pretty straightforward and cheap to build)

Yes Dragons are starting to lose their edge with the amount of dragon-slaying weapons and skills slowly staring to pour out. They’re still good - but most people have an answer to them now. Beasts have a couple of weapons effective to them but nothing that severely limits them. In terms of building a team around Sothis, I usually follow this guide whenever I want to build around a unit.

General team building

Most people have different standards when it comes to building teams; I personally try to follow this typical guideline for a general use team. You don’t have to follow it exactly, but it’s a good start on team composition. With time and experience, you’ll be able to tweak your teams on your own little by little to fit your needs.

First :
-1 red
-1 blue
-1 green
-1 colorless/repeat color

Second :
-2 physical units
-2 magic units

Third :
-1 physical tank
-1 magic tank
-1 hyper offensive unit
-1 support unit

To have a balanced coverage, I try running every color on a team - though it’s not necessary. For damage, you want to be able to deal with enemy magic tanks or physical magic tanks, so having an even amount makes it easy but again - it’s not necessary. Finally, for team roles some overlap depending on characters; for example, a Sheena can be built properly to be both a physical tank and a magic tank as well as a green physical unit - which means you can play around with your team building options.

Following my guide, let’s fill in the gaps and adjust as needed. Since Sothis is a red dragon, you can fill the team to balance her weakness of blue units. A green physical unit could immediately aid Sothis; especially a green magic tank since her Res is her lower stat . Having a healer would be ideal but not entirely necessary. Finally, the last member could be a blue unit with mixed bulk.

I strongly believe that you should keep 1 copy of every summoned 5 star unit - reason why is because having a variety of units to help solve CC/AR/Abyssal maps is better than having a bunch of books. If unit space is an issue, I’d rather make every unit that’s not a 5 star a book before those.

Pretty important but not really. Having a good boon is always a good thing even if you end up with a bad bane. There’s times where you’ll end up with a bad boon (like +HP) with a good bane (-Def/Res on most offensive units). As long as the units vital stats aren’t touched (Atk/Spd for offensive units and Def/Res for tanky units) you can always work with a bad IV - even if the unit may perform differently. Luckily the game shows you the IVs so you don’t have to worry about looking it up anymore.

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thank you for the comprehensive answer! i’m definitely going to play sothis then, even though mine has a minus atk IV, rip

for now i’ll work on one main team i can use to progress in arena, and where i can stick the askr trio in when i don’t have any bonus units… i’ll also clear out all my 3/4* because HOLY HECK WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT BEFORE? i doubt i’ll be tackling abyssal yet but being able to clear infernal ghb for orbs would be nice : D

thanks so much for the reply and the warm welcome! :sob:

maybe i’ll make a mixed team with my favourite units then (and nowi; i keep seeing people use nowi and she’s terrifying).

Nowi has a great statline to work with, which is why she’s so popular, but many units can be just as good.

Here’s my heavily invested 5*+10s as an example of how IVs can make a big difference.