Teams for grinding for later Events


I’m just wondering if any of you have prepared teams for events later on in the game.

For Summer rerun part 1’s View Point Storm I’m thinking of a SummerScat,Shiki,Arash and Waver Team. Stella wave 1, Scat NP wave 2 with the help of waver and then Shiki NP the last dragon in Wave 3.

For this years Christmas’ Saber Node I’m Imagining a Arash, Kuro and Double Waver. Stella wave 1, Kuro NP wave 2, and charge up another Kuro NP for wave 3.

I wonder if there are other team formations for other events as well. If you have any ideas, please add on to this thread!


Yeah, this is never a bad thing to do. :)

Summer looks like Arash/Summer Scathach/Nuker. I’ll probably bring Lu Bu (who outdamages Shiki when his skills are leveled, btw).

Christmas looks trickier. Since the event bonus CE doesn’t give you starting NP gauge, it’s hard to 3-turn.

I’d bring Robin/Kuro/Moriarty/Archuria/Gilgamesh, Suntera, and Waver.

Facecard the first round and build NP. Waver would be nice to help form arts chains.

Suntera should be able to KO the second wave in a single turn.

Robin/whoever, with some help from Waver, should be able to (more or less) nuke the final boss. You can plugsuit in Merin (Charisma + Buster Up) or Tamamo (Arts up) depending on who you have if you’re not meeting the damage benchmarks. The drop CE gives an 8% bonus to arts and quick, but you might want to give your nuker a black grail if you’re worried about not being fast enough.

Edit: Also look at NeroFest. It looks like Riders, Lancers, Berserkers/Avengers, and Alter Egos will be helpful for farming the petal nodes.


Oh Yikes, I forgot that the event CE doesn’t have NP charge. Thanks man.

I tried to calculate some numbers, and it seems that Kuro can’t really deal enough damage to kill Saber Alter in 1 NP. I might be wrong though, but if that’s the case grinding is going to be a much bigger headache…

From what I’ve seen from Nerofest, the Last Petal Node seems to be the easiest to grind through? I think Drake/Waver/Lancelot would be able to clear it quite easily. For a F2P they could probably replace Drake with Alex/Medusa

Wave 1, Build NP

Wave 2, AOE Rider NP+ Brave Chain to kill the Demon

Wave 3, Lancelot NP

I think Alter Egos might not be suited for Nerofest imo. There’s always a Knight Class in the last wave:(


Yeah, and honestly Kiara hits like a wet noodle at np1. You’d need Lip at at least np2 to output meaningful damage, since the alter ego multiplier is only 1.5 against cavalry classes.

Failing all else, bring double Waver and plugsuit and concoct a 3- or 4-turn team like that.