Teams for the Medusas?

So you have some teams that make good use of Medusa Rider or Lancer?

Teams in what sense? Medusa Rider is pretty much used as a budget farming rider due to her np charge. Right now Medusa Lancer needs premium supports so that she can use her NP more often.

Both could be used in stall teams, especially stunlock teams when used against male opponents. There’s a reason why the gorgon combo of stheno, euryale, and medusa is infamous.

Once skadi comes out she’s pretty much the best partner for Medusa lancer. She improves her damage and allows her to use her NP quicker.


Just a team that use Medusa thats all, put whatever comes to your mind

stheno/euryale/ana/medusa/gorgon/lv100 np5 10/10/10 2k/2k gorgon


medusa rider : just put ksope on daily door farm and any other rider/zerker servant that do AOE NP
medusa lancer : i have her but rarely use her since i have enkidou(merlin compability) but if u wanna use her wu might be good since she can increase quick+att and defdown and a deff or healing servant (neethime might be good)

Eurayle, Medusa lily, stheno is a fun charmlock team. I used them vs that kintoki final floor in setsubun. Both stheno and Eurayle have good np gain to fire off more charms while skills are on cool down. Medusa’s gain isn’t as good, so she’s less likely to get multiple nps for charm between skill cool down. I had gorgon in the back since she’s got another stun.

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With more skill leves this may work?

Didnt have one in particular before I saw this thread but I threw this together and used it on an archer node and it worked pretty well

The idea being to try and compensate for Medusa lily’s shortcomings with waver for NP gain and Wu for buffs and CEs for some star gen and crit enabling.


again male servant it work, outside of it i think no

Yeah usually is that how the charm lock works

medusa rider is great wave clearer + if a wave has beefy boss that you arent sure to 1 turn you can use her stun to save time by skipping enemy’s turn.

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Cant find the original but used a similar team against kintoki boss on setsubun event

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