Teams for Valentine's 2020

For White part 1, Medea + Nito + Waver with Atlas uniform work well.
The second node is assassins, so that still works for Gray part 1.

Since we have abysmal event CE, had to go with 100% battery servants.

I just spam everything with waver + double mama raikou. Works everytime and anytime.

Well to make it faster I added arash and nito.

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Currently farming the zerker node to clear sugar store items while farming boosts.

3T comp with double NP Nito for speed. Face cards finish the big boar in w2.


I haven’t really been trying 3t comps, since I’m only using natural AP. I have been trying out different team comps to get a feel for how they play, and as an excuse to bond with my lesser-used servants.

Also, I have been farming the Lancer node with Musashi/Nero/Brave Liz, because how often does one have a chance to get those three together?


NP2 Nitocris 1st wave.

Swap her out for NP2 Hokusai.

Waver buff Hokusai & NP2 Raikou to 100% NP.

Then Raikou for T2 and Hokusai for T3.

Altria, Arthur, Mordred, Arash and Mash with full shop CEs and drop rate CEs on Support on the Berserker node

I need sugar for dragon fangs.

So many dragon fangs…

I’m having a lot of fun with assassin node using Scheherazade. I’ve liked her despite her being not that impressive. But in this node, I’m glad to see her anti-king NP being put to good use


So far the only team I’ve been using to clear out the Zerk node in 3-4 turns for now. Support used is Waver.

How it works:
W1: Waver tops off Drake and Astolfo - > Swap Waver for CasGil and activate his stargen buff - > Fire Drake NP.
W2: Activate CasGil’s buffs - > Facecard crit everything.
W3: Activate Drake’s 1st skill - > Activate MC Atk buff - > Activate Astolfo atk buff and fire off NP.

Speaking of, I got her primed and ready for grinding gold currency next stage (Nobu counts as royalty, too)

Could have opted for bringing all 5 drop-CE I got, but then again, zerk be zerk so better to get it over with quick.

Also looking forward to that CQ, she’ll do work with foxy and 2xel-Mellol thrown in, I’m sure. :fgo_scheherazadesmirk:

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I’m just going to farm the berserker nodes since they coincide with the materials I need (stakes/feathers, and the bronze items on the shop).

Phase 1: Arash (MLB IE), Ishtar (Scope), Waver and Merlin. My Ishtar is NP2 so she does around 100-120k on W2 and over 200k for W3.

Phase 2-3: Arash (MLB IE), Ishtar (AD), Gil (BG), Waver and Merlin plugsuit. Hero creation on Ishtar for W2, should be over 200k, and Gil for W3, should be over 270k (NP1).

Very inefficient bonus-wise but I can’t keep my sanity otherwise, after the recent lotteries. I couldn’t even bother to do dailies during Setsubun (arguably the event I liked the least since starting FGO in Dec 2018, rearranging party setup every run gets really tiring).

I’ve just been throwing silver apples infrequently at lancer node and pressing play on FGO LUA.

Friend Bride (MLB cacao CE), Bride, OG Nero, Suzuka, 2x 5*BP servants. 4x Fer + 1x Valentine choc CE.

T1 = Facecard everything
T2 = 1x Bride NP on horsie then facecard everything
T3 = Triple/Double NP chain and then facecard rest of turn

Crude, I know, but I’m not willing to give up that +1 fer and +2 cacao for batteries. I’m saving SQs.

Gray in P2 will probably follow a similar setup with Shishou/Eresh/friend AOE lancer with MLB silver currency. Once done with silvers there, I’ll worry about Zerker node setup…

I’ve been having fun with circe, DaVinci and support waver and atlas mc. I pop all of Waver’s skills t1 (circe gets s1) and DaVinci’s passive battery. Then I face card w1 to finish charging circe and DaVinci. W2 gets circe and DaVinci np. The mc cool down reduction on waver let’s me b2b np circe and DaVinci against w3, and waver is usually ready to go to for extra def down and oc for DaVinci. And if I miss a clean kill on the boss, piggification takes care of retaliation or chance of cu alter’s evade.

Yeah, I think I prefer circe to sanzang in farming. The piggification is awesome.

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support waver (will probably use my own starting with the next round of quests, so I can grab mlb shop ces off of support)

a zerker node for all 3 shop currencies and each rotation having the same drop rate means I actually won’t have to change much. aside from the above mentioned and the drop ces, to fit the featured currencies

I’d prefer to get the 2 bonus to flavor for each character for a total of 12 over 3 turn. Extra turns but less runs due to greater flavor increase for each run. But, that’s just me.

Pretty much 3 turns farming for berserker farm. For lancer, I replaced one of the backline with Waver + borrow a NP5 Okita from my friendlist and it’s a pretty fast farm as well.

Another pleasant surprise during lancer node. I seldom use my Siegfried but realized that he really shines due to his anti-dragon skill. Watch him reach 200K damage for each enemy is so satisfying :slight_smile:

For the CQ, I just brought my usual team:
Musashi (AD), Merlin (2030), Waver (2030) and destroyed it. Seems like this CQ was designed specifically with Musashi in mind.

Kiyohime was all, “I floored your defense!” But Musashi said, “LOL NOPE—Emptiness!”

Cleo tried to pull her “go invincible with a full NP gauge” nonsense, and Musashi was all, “LOL, NOPE—Heavenly Eye!”

Nero was all, “You gotta kill me 4 times!” To which Musashi replied, “LOL, NOPE—Ishana Daitenshou!”

Then Taiga was all, “I have an extra break bar!” to which Musashi just laughed, “LOL NOPE—class advantage!”

In short, Musashi is kinda good, you guys.

Grind Order coming along nicely - and that trait-damage, yum el-Mellol’s NP3 from GSSR has something to do with those tasty numbers, too, of course


Lamp-stack is done, think I’ll throw fruit to clear out octo and wine too today before I switch over to full flavor-bonus. Silver, I got done via natural AP except for hair, the last 400 drops for which I’ll probably turn to once I got most of the ladder done.

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second rotation gold farm

caster node for sugar feels pretty easy to 3turn farm .
Medusa with scope can clear wave one,
ridertoki with HNS clears wave 2 boss,
Surprizingly medusa’s damage is enough for last wave

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