Tears of Themis Saving Thread™ Because I suck at saving

Hello :catwave: I made this thread just as a place for me to track my savings because I’m really bad at it and I want to save for some future cards :feh_flaynfish:

I have no idea how many people here play ToT but if anyone even does we can share FCs too :fgo_ereshwoah:

And if it ends up just being me that’s fine too.

The following resource can be used to see upcoming cards for the year or so based on the CN server which is ahead iirc:


As for my goals

Top priority

I’m a sucker for fantasy/medieval and Luke it just hit all the boxes :catroll:

Other goals in rough priority

You can probably tell who my favourite is LMAO

And my current savings

Anyway that’s all making threads is so awkward :catroll: I’ll see how my saving go and hope I can at least get most of my targets :feh_nini: or at least my top three


I don’t play it but let me give you some encouragement

Save your rolls or die :fgo_ereshwoah:



Very encouraging thank you



Also I got the Fat Cat badge! :feh_hridexcited: it’s so cute aghabsksbksndkd


The new update got me a lot more S-Chips :feh_hridexcited:

All the new features are a bit confusing but I’ll get hang of it. The lounge is cute in any case :feh_nino:


I forgot about this thread lmao

Anyway as the title says I suck at saving so guess what I did lmao :feh_nino:

I ended up trying my hand at the RRG Luke card but ended up with the Marius one instead :feh_pentsive:

It’d not too big of a deal since Marius is at least my second favourite of the guys. If anyone Rosa is my second favourite definitely. Also catch me in tears if I had gotten Vyn so I’ll definitely use it in tougher debates

Oh and with the help of Luke’s birthday I was able to complete one of my goals :feh_hridexcited:

I have enough Luke cards to make an entire deck :feh_nino:

Almost forgot to post my count

I need to stay strong for medieval Luke. I can’t pull anymore until then :feh_caspar:




Oh no :fgo_jeannu:


At 30 tears :feh_sigurdeyes:

I should have enough or at least close to enough by the time of the banner I’m saving for :feh_hridexcited:


Got the free Christmas Luke SR :feh_sigurdeyes: :feh_hridexcited:

I finally have enough Luke SSRs and SRs to be able to fill my profile showcase without Rs :catroll: :feh_roysmile:
can’t wait for more SSRs too to make that look even better :ak_warfarinsmug:

Also got the evo. 3 and I just AGACAJBSJAGSJSBJAVDKSHUSHQJSVSJHDJDJD I LOVE THEM SM :catslam: :feh_matthewcry:

Anyway not many more tears recently, at 32


i don’t know this game it looks fun, where can i download it ?

ShowBox Tutuapp Mobdro


You can just get it from the App Store/Google Play. And yeah it is pretty fun!


Current savings
42 tears and climbing :fgo_ereshwoah:

The Love Poem to Skadi event is starting soon, and with comes an SSR Luke :ak_nervous:

Since it’s a special event pity doesn’t carry over and it’ll have lots of free event-exclusive tears so I’ll be using those. And only those. If I break feel free to send in the saving assassins :catknife: I should be good tho

MHY also released a card schedule which is pretty handy for planning :feh_nino:

Anyway hopefully next update will have more tears than this one :feh_lilithpray:


So I’ve had insane luck lately

I’ve been using my free limited tears on the Skadi banner to try to get the Luke, and and in about 5 pulls I was able to get… the Artem

I’m sort of meh on Artem and this card specifically is… not for me it got better on A2 tho. Never changing back lol

I had put out pretty much all hope of getting the Luke since I wasn’t going beyond the free pulls, and my chances of getting so lucky to get another basically free no pity 5 star was really low

But I kept trying and

:feh_hridexcited: :feh_faewow: I got him earlier today!

I’ll be levelling him up as soon as I can. I’m super happy about this :feh_hridexcited:

As for my savings
Not many free s-chips/non limited tears lately. Makes sense since they’re mostly giving out limited. I’ll also have the special limited ones turned into regular ones after the event ends since I’d rather have them for later :feh_flaynyay: so atm add one to it?

Anyway going slow but still going :feh_lynsleep:

Also about the event, this is probably my favourite so far :feh_faewow: its just so much fun and super interesting, I’m wanting to just jump in and learn the truth about this haunted cult manor but timegates :catroll: anyway I’m enjoying so much :feh_nini:


I have hit 50 tears :fgo_ereshwoah:
That medieval Luke will be mine :feh_caspar:

In the meantime, I’ve been collecting even more Skadi cards with my free tears. This has been absolutely insane :feh_faewow: with such low rates getting 3 SSRs for free??? I’m speechless tbh.
Would’ve much preferred Marius over Vyn, but I definitely can not complain. Especially since I do have Luke lmao

Also finished the story with the manor in the Skadi event. God it was so good. Creepy, slightly disturbing, very sad. It was just :feh_arvisboneappetite: going through and uncovering all those ancient secrets, definitely had me hooked :feh_roysmile: not a big fan of the reward gacha but I’m just hoping it ends in my favour and I’m able to get the invitation :catroll:


Skadi event is officially over :feh_pentsive: it was super fun tho, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope there more events with stores like that in the future :fgo_ereshwoah:

Currently just working levelling up my SSRs, just the new Vyn one left shameless SSR showcase

They’re also rerunning the Summer Breeze cards, which means that cards do for sure come back eventually which is nice :feh_nino: I already have the Luke card from that tho, back when I first started playing and had no idea what I was doing lol. I won’t complain tho I’m super happy with it, I really like that card :fgo_medealove:

So far my saving is going well :feh_hridexcited: slow but well :feh_leifsip:
So excited for medieval Luke aaaaaaaa. I love that one so much :feh_lilithpray: :fgo_ereshlove:

Anyway that’s all, until next time :feh_flaynyay:

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Got some surprising mail today :feh_faewow:

I must say I’m very thankful for the 10 whole tears :feh_faewow: but I also feel pretty bad for Japan rn. The issue doesn’t affect me since I don’t play in Japanese but I hope it gets resolved soon and everyone over there stays safe

It did boost my saving by quite a bit tho :feh_sigurdeyes:
Just 32 left to go now, so I should most likely have enough by then :feh_hridexcited: medieval Luke will be mine :feh_caspar: also hopefully I can get Electrifying night as well Rosa and Luke look SO GOOD in that card

Also lastly
Jshahsbjagshsbjdbsjshjavsjbajdbajhdhs :catcry:

So close :breadsive:

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After forgetting this thread again, I’m bacccck

Nothing really been happening lately :breadsive: the second half of the RRG event is running now but it’s Artem and Vyn’s half, and they’re the two I care about the least aisbkabdkabdjs :catroll: so the event isn’t too fun for me and I’m mostly just skipping through. At least their cards are legit no temptation at all lmaooo

Current savings are doing really well tho :fgo_ereshwoah:

I should definitely have enough for medieval Luke javsjabxjhw I’m so excited :feh_hridexcited: hoping to get an anniversary Luke as well when that runs if I can but medieval Luke is top priority

Anyway short but that’s all this time :catwave:

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The event isn’t too fun for me too.

SHAREit MX Player


what’s the game about anyways?