Tell me your recent summons

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo, my luck for this game is pretty good. My very first multi-summon was on the Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Final Collab 999 Z Power banner and I got Gogeta. Since then it hasn’t been that bad. Got Gogeta twice more on Daily summons for that banner and I got all the Featured Characters on the Ultra Space Time Summon #11 banner.

So, is your luck any better or worse?

Did the new Buu And Gotenks banner (x999) and got 2 New gotenks ssj3 and an old buu to put him at 5 stars
Felt pretty good.

I am a bit late but my recent summons were just terrible…

I wanted to get the new event characters (Goten, Gohan, Goku etc). So I saved up 2,100 crystals (Took me 2 and a half hours) and this is what I got (including the ticket)
Sp Trunks Future (Goku Black) 2 times

With 4k chrono stones got the new Goku once and the new Gohan 4 times

With probably over a collective like 8000 crystals i got Sp gogeta Red, and was able to 5 star gohan and goku (new on both) oh and also got the god tier Hercule.

hero unit, hero unit, hero unit, hero unit, hero unit, hero unit, hero unit…

Daily summons are the way to go. Jus keep trying

I am very unlucky. The only character I have got in the GT banner is GT Vegeta.
The only characters I have got in the anniversary are whis and ssj2 vegeta. My luck is increasing, because I have the new ssj Vegeta, but I am still very unlucky. :/

I’ve done pretty damn good in the anniversary banner, out of my first 500 cc I got:

  • New Buu (green)
  • Golden Frieza (green)
  • SSGSS Goku (blue)
  • SSGSS Vegeta (purple)
  • EX Whis (red)
  • EX Slug (yellow)

And later on I got Beerus (green)

After that it has been rubbish on the daily’s but thats forgiven for now. I’m saving for the new legends banners. (hoping for new trunks!!!)