Temari Kaze?

So looking over NY!Eir, I don’t really think I’ll end up usong her too much, even though her weapon is pretty solid, so I’ve been mulling iver ways to utilize it, and Kaze was one of the first units to come to mind. With his high RES stat, he could easily make use of Eir’s Temari, no?

So I’m looking ay something like this for a Kaze build.

Temari adds DEF/RES Smoke and ATK/SPD Sabotage on all units with 47 RES or less
Dull Ranged negates buffs on ranges units, most effectively against Blade tomes. This could also be switched out for Lull SPD/DEF to increase hos damage output.
Savage Blow adds a bit of chip damage to his dagger Smoke effect, helping his teammates even further.
Flashing Blade allows for faster Iceberg bombs.

Any ideas kn how to improve this? Maybe give him Mystoc Boost for a B-skill to let him engage Dragons a little better? Maybe sacrifice a bit of Temari potential by usong an ATK roll instead of +RES?


Not a massively serious competitive player at the moment. But personally, I use the dagger on Tethys (very similar statwise to kaze) for debuffing purposes and generally keep her out of combat and have her dance someone else. C skill is because she is currently in a team with Sonya, but flexible if you’re using her to buff/debuff other things and depends what you want or have available (considered panic ploy or a smoke skill, but have niether right now)

For arena use, I’d go with c duel infantry for the a skill, and a Res asset for and additional point in each but so far ive not had an asset other than atk or spd, otherwise I’d just swap the asset to hp or Res. Overall I find it’s quite nice as an infantry alternative to aversa.

As for the kaze build. I’m not personally a fan of fury, so id be more likely to pick an impact, stance, or solo skill depending on how you intend to use him. And pick one of the b skills you suggested, depending on whether he would primarily fight ranged (dull) or a mix (lull). C skill I would consider one of the premium smoke skills, if taking it seriously. Debuffing all stats and applying panic or increasing special cooldown from one unit sounds pretty strong.
I’d use flashing blade on him if fighting ranged regularly as he could use iceberg every combat he initiates and doubles. And would consider swift sparrow as an a skill if pursuing that more often. However if you don’t plan on using him in combat as much. A ploy skill or some other buff or debuff skill could be useful.

Although. It looks like a solid build as it is. Never considered using the dagger offensively. Might see if I have any kaze in my barracks and test it.


Sobs for this Eir abuse.


I foddered the 4 star one, the 5 star one will probably meet the same fate :feh_rein:

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I can do something useful with my life for once!

…Ahem. Anyway.
That looks like a solid build, Temari is definitely a good and accessible weapon. (Probably going to give it to him sometime soon.) I typically use Tropical Treats for the raw stats S!Gunnthra didn’t need to live anyway but I understand that isn’t super accessible.
Fury is nice for the stats since he lacks somewhat in Atk, plus more Spd and Res for sabotaging. Just keep in mind it will kill his sustain, but that can be good if you use Desp or you can mostly mitigate it with Mystic Boost (see below).
B skill is kinda up to preference, you can go basic :feh_desperation: of course, Mystic Boost is also really nice on him, I can attest. Helps with dragon matchups. Dull Ranged is a bit more niche but I suppose if you want him as a blade tome counter feel free.
Savage Blow is a bit basic but effective, though of course his physical bulk isn’t super impressive, so avoid chipping them physical DC units. (Although mine sometimes just takes them out anyway so :upside_down_face:) Ploys are good on him too, with Temari you’d want Def Ploy for sure.
Flashing Blade is always great on him :feh_birbpeek: You can go Sparrow or Darting Blow/Stance or whatever for moar Spd or Atk and all. He likes a little more offenses in general, so yeah :)
Hope that helps somehow :feh_birbpeek:

My Kaze for reference, I forget if you’re on my FL, if so you can see him there too if you want


If I weren’t planning on merging Norne I’d probably do Kaze. He was one of my favorite characters in Fates.

B is to work with L!Lucina


Do it anyway

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Maybe after Norne at some point.

I don’t have Terhys, so all of that is irrelevant to me.

Out of the question. An impact skill undermines the entire point of using Fury, which is to buff his offenses and, more inpoetantly, his RES stat to where he can more comfortably proc the effect from Temari. There is a lot of difference between 47 RES and 43 RES when it cone to Sabotaging, and Impacts, Solos, and Swift Sparrow would not proc this effect. If anything, a Fortress skill would be the only proper substitute for Fury, and he doesn’t have the offensive power to take that kind of hit to his ATK.

Alright, I’m now off work and have the time to sit down and read respond to this in-depth rundown.

I’m aware of the burn damage he would take from Fury; but all things considered, I believe it to be the best option as a Sabotage debuffer. As you said, his ATK isn’t as great as his SPD, and this helps to fix that while also increasing his odds of Sabotaging. The only alternative I can think of to Fury would be Fortress; and he doesn’t have the power to spare for that. That’s partly why Mystoc Boost is an option for hos B-skill. While I try to reserve such premium fodder, I have a hard time seeing anything but Fury working here, making it much more viable on him. Although Desperation would be a good budget alternative, I just try to avoid using it on every unit I have. :rofl:
I was also thinking of running Sabotage DEF, since I have a spare S!Lilina, but I dunno if I should fodder hee for Sabotage, Broadleaf, or Opening (Silque does need some good team support.) In Kaze’s case, Sabotage might be more effective than Ploy. Especially in AR.
Also, Null-C could help him bait mages like Veronica. But that’s a lot more niche.

I dunno what your IGN is off the top of my head. Mine is Armbrust, with Edelgard as my friend unit.

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Not really, I found your build pretty well
I would just prefer a ploy skill than Savage Blow if his tasks is to debuff.
(idk if invisible stats work with ploy & Temari :feh_marththink:)

If he should be a support unit, it better be to all focus in the res.

No. Ploy and Sabotage are applied at the beginning of a player’s turn, so they’re based solely on the visible stat before buffs are applied.


Pretty sure I don’t have you, I can go do that rn though :)

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Accepted. :upside_down_face:

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