Tempest Trial Team Flex thread #6: One angry boi and one bored girl

This is probably a bad team but anyways I will use it because I’m not going to have bonus points, which is weird for me, yeah groom Pent is here again because he is a groom, and I will probably add Marth if I lose too much
Pent is good for mages Emblems right??
The bonus units are extremely preditable,I think they will be desperation fodder, the 4 star flying lance unit who keeps spamming herself despite not being Seteth, and “”""“Valentian”"""" Catria
This banner is boring to me, but hey, free Orbs
Besides, I already have Saul



I’m guessing the bonus units will be SoV!Catria, Shanna and Thea so I’ll probably do something like this

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Normally just go with hm so these units however,I might switch Thea out to not waste HM.

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Yeah I do it by who needs hm too.


Same. I practically have no one.

Also, you predicted correctly, @RoysOurBoy.

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Here’s the info:

As for me… uhhh… unless I luck out getting Juno I’ll be stuck to Zelot, which is fine too.
His fodder is somewhat passable but [Atk/Def Form 3] could be collected by my Idoun… I’m not sure, I’ll wait and plan acordingly to datamine info since there’s no availability by rarity info yet.

The [Sacred Seals] are interesting, [Blade Session] is a strange pick but I’m not complaining, I’ll get it upgraded actually. :catdance:

Made my free summon on green and got nothing, also.

So, my team will be...

I’ll replace out Minerva with Juno or Zelot, whoever comes first:


Severa as usual, accompanied by the cheerleaders.
My Eyvel need SP and I’m trying to make my Tate works.

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As usual, my auto TT team :

The random catria, that ive got months ago, is finally usefull

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this was the team I had planned before the banner’s announcement, idk who the third slot will be, but Zelot will take one of these slots and be a Smitebot or something :catroll:

I know OG Catria isn’t a bonus or anything but it feels like a good excuse to use her anyway. I slap some seal on SoV Catria when the time comes :feh_lucyshrug:

Wait, OG!Catria isn’t a bonus?
I’ll use Thea instead then!
Both 4 stars so…

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Yeah, it’s specifically the Catria from SoV, not Archanea. I mean they’re the same person obviously but you know what I mean.

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This is going to be fun

Gotta go with this team. At least need a physical and magical wall, the bonus unit and a dancer if I’m able to, and that’s pretty much it.


Hopefully, I can finish Corrin’s HM by the end of it. :feh_corrinmug:

Unless I get a focus unit in my first summon circle, I’m just gonna go w/o a bonus unit. TT is my fav game mode anyways so I play it a ton and always hot max score pretty early on in the cycle so I won’t be in any danger of not finishing it and there won’t be a banner I want to pull on until the CYL4 rerun next week.

This'll probably be my team

If I get a focus unit in my first circle tho then I’ll use them instead of Lex, unless it’s Saul to n which case Mercie gets the boot.

Just gonna send her and see how it goes…

Wait can you do a team of just 1 unit?


Can you? Yes, but idk if it will affect your score.


Update: 7 rounds and she killed them all…