Tempting to train Caligula

There is something fun about raising low rarity servants.

I’m tempted to try and train Caligula. With the idea being to run him with an friend list Ozy.
Ofc I know it’s not optimal but…

I wanna hear some thoughts about the roman lunatic.

Caligula seems fun, but I wouldn’t run him with Ozy unless you intend for Caligula not to do work.

A Rider like Ozy will vacuum up all of Caligula’s stars and provide comparatively little in return.

Edit: to be clear, it’s almost never worth it to run Ozy solely for the purpose of guaranteeing IP.

Maybe if ozy is switched out after ensuring imperial privilege lands on Caligula… But I have a hard time wanting to use ozy as a buff bot.

Ofc I’d rather run one of the other options for that we get into the future.
Or to just deal with the IP gamble and run something that could allows buster crits on Caligula.

I do think Ozy would work better with someone like Nero, but I agree he’s a bit of a mismatch with Caligula

Still better off with a second Merlin or a Waver in that case.

When he’s at max buffs his facecards hit really hard, but working him in with merlin would be a better choice. He’s pretty fun to play around with

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Ozy is a mismatch with all IP users except when you need him for his own damage, like when nuking a big mob that an AoE won’t comfortably cover.

His buff success up is mighty tempting, but he’s almost always going to be a second best option to a dedicated support.

The only issue I have with servants like Caligula like that:
Waver+Merlin is the answer 90% of the time. And while I’m fine with one of em, I kinda don’t want to run both (for no real reason other than I don’t find it fun)

Makes me like functional setups with just of of em more, like;
Asterios+Yagyu+Waver (Still untested)

Might need to look for a servant that can be a tad more unique in setups than Caligula.

I think the challenge you might be having is that no other options are equally as good as the ones you are trying to move away from.

There’s a lot you can do that’s functional, especially if you’re including at least one of the big supports. Servants like Caligula require either a massive blitz strategy or meticulous babysitting since they are flimsy and not self-sufficient, so that limits your options with them.

I see you mentioned George and Leonidas; maybe taunt setups would be fun for you, especially if you have one or more taunt CEs.

Part of me that’s working against myself is that I can’t fully commit to a servant like Caligula, for who I have no gameplay reason to build.

But I do have my answer though. The other berserker who was on my mind, Asterios. Might be the perfect chance to build him up and test him out

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I have him at 9/9/9.

But I hardly ever use him. Unless you’re looking at event bonus drops or damage or Setsubon, there just isnt much reason to use him.

Asterios is better for low rarity stall Berserker imo than the Skill seal on Caligula…especially since no skills means the boss will attack every turn instead.

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Yeah, in the end while I think Caligula isn’t bad, the main issue is that he doesn’t do anything 4* zerks can’t do better.

But Asterios has a niche unique to him. A bit tricky, but with good payoff

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Maybe when Chen Gong comes out you’ll have more options, he’s good for supporting Berserkers.

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Yeah that’s a neat idea.
Gonna shelf it for now, but maybe one day.

For now Asterios also happends to only need mats I have spares of, so… Might bring him up as my third grailed low rarity servant after Kojiro and Saber Gilles
(Also trained some others like Leonidas, George and Spartacus, but they’re staying at their max level)

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