Terrakion catch rate

Hey everybody, just wondering how is the catch rate for Terrakion this week. I’m 2 for 7 and don’t know if Im having a bad few days or if Terrakion is hard to catch.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Poke friends in the USA!

Same basic 2% as the rest.

I’m just happy I got 100% on the only one I’ve done as I won’t bother doing more until they fix the candies :unamused:

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What about candies?

I was lucky enough to do one yesterday during the raid hour. Completely missed out on cobalion

The Rare Candy rewards from legendary raids were recently reduced.

i’m 10/12 across 2 accounts, the GF is 3/5. catch rate is nornal t5, just alot of annoying double/triple attacking/jumping

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That boi real far away

It looks they increased the jumping and heading. I´m 4/6 at the moment.

I would just be happy if there were any raids at a decent time. Usually it’s not a problem to get your group organised durning lunch (as most of the guys use Telegram and play during the lunch hour window). For the last 2 weeks it is incredibly difficult to find enough people for one raid … it’s just 11am here and most gyms had a 5T raid an hour ago. So probably nothing for the next two to three hours and then very likely not near people’s work place. There is a ex raid gym nearby, there was not one 5T raid this week (except raid hour).

Did one Terrakion, I am not the best catcher but got this one with 15/14/12 (91%) with the usual crappy moveset. I don’t really need that many RC - I am cronically short on TMs . I have a lucky 100% Honchkrow and wasted 6 CTM’s on it. This really sucks!

I think thats the problem. He did seem far away and couldn’t get my timing down. Had very little trouble with cobalion.

Yes, they were… but there has been no official word that this was intentional or a mistake (lets hope it was a mistake for their sake, it wouldn’t be wrong to guess Niantic will lose 50% of it’s revenue from the number of players who won’t spend money on raid passes if all their going to get is another duplicate legendary and nothing worth while to go with it).

In my communities discord group the number of tier 5 raids posted have dropped from many to almost none (5 to be exact, 3 yesterday and 2 today) since Raid Hour.

It’s going to be a cold, quiet Christmas in the pokéworld unless they fix it.

Of the six I’ve seen so far, four were caught on the first ball, one on the second ball, and one on the third.

I know that it’s a statistical outlier, but still, this is one of the easiest catches in quite a while.

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Mine is the reverse; Cobalion gave me a lot of trouble and Terrakion I got the hang of it and I effectively prevented lots of double attacks.

Did 3 raids today and nailed all 3 terrakions; even got a 98 IV. !! :slight_smile:

My friends are 2 for 4, 2 for 5, and 3 for 5 if I recall correctly. I’m at 4 for 4, but two of them I caught on my very last Pokeball (golden razz berries on every single one) and one I caught on my third-to-last ball. It’s been tough for me, though I don’t think the raids are any lowered catch rate.

I spent 100 coins buying a Premium Raid Pass for my alt to battle a second Terrakion (because the first one was pretty bad), and it turned up CP 2061, not to mention it fled after 13 Excellents with GRB…:confused:

My main acc is on 2/3.

I’ve snagged 1/7 so far. Seems nowhere near close, hitting 10-15 great or better, always grb.
This isn’t fun.

Terrakion for the moment isn’t all that bad for us.

I’m 5/5 ranging from first ball catch to last ball catch.
Familie and friends I played Terrakion with (and I know the results ) 4 are also 5/5 one is 2/2 and one saw both his Terrakion run away…

Keep at it. I found in the beginning I was aiming to close. When you throw the ball further back good things happen!

I have decent hit rate; my issue is that it jumps out before the first shake.

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While my overall rate is about 90% (9/10 or 10/11), I have found it to be more annoying to catch, and requires more patience and overall zen than most Legendary’s. Too often the window between the end of an attack and the next jump is almost instantaneous, so what should have been an excellent curveball becomes either a total miss or loses the non-curveball catch bonus. Also, it’s deceptively far back, so if there is ANY lag when I’m throwing a ball, the ball isn’t going far enough to even hit the Terrakion. Combine those two issues and it’s taken me 8-12 balls to catch this one, whereas it normally doesn’t take me more than 5-8 balls.

So my results are the same as other Legendary’s, but it is noticeably more work for me. And it means I’m not doing 2-3 on a single Lucky Egg, like I have on some, which is a bit annoying but I’m at 42M XP so what am I using a Lucky Egg for anyway, except to get it out of the inventory?