Terrakion duo

Would i be able to Duo terrakion with this Mons?

And my alt counters:

What should i power up for this duo?

Definitely in cloudy weather you’d be able to. I have 6 14 and 15 atk psystrike mewtwos im leveling up to 31.5 and 31 for breakpoint damage. Should be enough to duo with my friend who will be doing the same.

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Ahhh yes Darkrai duo…I mean Terrakion duo, is good to know that Niantic approve duos and isn’t going to boost the HP of the boss, because it have never do it before.

I wouldn’t be surprised by that, but its terrakion, not mythical darkrai or mewtwo… sooo they might leave this alone.

casually shows double :100: maxed Machamps and a lucky :100: maxed Gardevoir

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It often gets windy here, guess I should take this Psystrike from 39.5 to 40. Have another maxed 15a/14/15 Shadowball+Ice Beam, maybe switch that 2nd move to Psychic for a bit. I’ve just never done the empty party “trick”, it is a good time to practice with mine and my alt

I actually have 3 100iv machamps