Terrakion raid guide: a few errors

  • Blaziken’s cons: “Best moveset is Community Day exclusive” nope, not here
  • Gardevoir: Dazzling Gleam is superior to synchronoise, though the latter is mentioned but not the former. Also, charm is very close to confusion and could be mentioned.
  • Gallade: He’s got synchronoise too :wink:


  • Azelf: Legendary, yes. You may add regional, making it extremely difficult to get it for 2/3 of the player base.

Informed players will see all that, but this may confuse newer players. There was no need to rush the raid guide for a raid boss that will be there in about 2 weeks guys :wink: take your time and polish it. Thanks for the work anyway!

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Gardevoir movesets mentioned are in windy weather, thats why Charm and DG are ignored. On the other hand, im not sure, that Charm+ DG in cloudy is better.


Very good point. I checked out, Charm+DG Gardevoir is better than Blaziken in cloudy: a bit more DPS and almost twice the TDO.

Also am I crazy or are the axes on their DPS-TDO chart misslabeled?

The labels look OK to me.

Pretty sure they’re flipped. Currently they show mewtwo doing 6.8dps and 32% tdo. That doesn’t seem right to me

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You’re totally right, I don’t know why I didn’t realize despite looking specifically for that… The labels are flipped compared to the usual graphs. I should have seen it, 6-7 DPS is a fast move only like DPS, and not even a good one! I even did a run in gobattlesim to check out the results to be sure and is yields ~32 DPS and ~6% TDO.