Terrible IV L!Ryoma and L!Hector. What should I do?

Hello there! In a recent summon session on the Legendary Leif banner, I managed to get L!Hector, L!Ryoma, and L!Azura. Azura has pretty good IV’s (-HP, +Res) but the other two are absolutely terrible. What should I do? Should I fodder the Hector to someone who needs DC, wait, or try to use both? I already have a fairly good armor team with B!Ephraim, and I don’t have any thoughts on how to use Ryoma. Can someone help?

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Hai :wave:

If you don’t need them, and already have someone covering their roles, foddering them might be for the best. Can always wait and see what else you can get.

L!Hector is amazing fodder for other armors, since he can give both DC and Vengeful Fighter at once. So if you have an armor that wants those skills I’d definitely consider foddering him.

L!Ryoma has pretty bad fodder (Guidance is nice but we already have it as a seal) so I’d keep him.

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Ryoma has Kestrel Stance which can be decent with units that have naturally good defense and can use the speed boost.

Thanks. Will see if I have any other armors that could use L!Hector’s skills the next time I play! I’ll probably just keep the L!Ryoma.

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