Test my AR defense plssss

Made a new defense for the next season

Sure! Can you post your friend code so myself and others can give it a whirl?

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Sent! Will give it a shot and post my thoughts.

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Sending a request.

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It’s getting late for me so I might reply to the comments tommorow

Mmm why annette in the front?

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Don’t have time to test but at a glance…

Looks pretty nice. Very good defense honestly. Could use some for IPs, if F!Julia’s special is charged she’s a monster.

Looks fairly difficult to galeforce. Hit and run could work against this if they had isolation (I presume this is for Anima)

Basically a little weak to hit and run with B!Fjorm but that’s ok, she’s pretty rare.

The one thing I would do is switch hardy bearing user to Oph.

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I… dunno what you can say with this.

Not a lot of people to challenge the tile maybe? No ruse shenanigans happened because Annette could deal damage but she died to Sharena. Julia isn’t a nice unit for this I feel because she just rallied twice when I did this. Atk/Res Solo is pretty hard to get value from with a formation like this. At least she can hit stragglers. One thing I could do if I was really worried about her is use Divine Fang to cancel her autodouble.

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holy shit I was planning to use this for Anima and completely forgot about divine fang. Also I did notice from my testing that Julia wasn’t able to isolate herself often as well. I’ll probably change her to Nino because I don’t have other offensive infantry red mages. Thanks for the input.



u my fren ig


Man, took a lot of tweaking so I can actually compete against your +10 Itsuki lol and actually OHKO L! Chrom.

I agree that you can’t get all the mileage out of F! Julia due to how compact your team is, but I think Nino is a good choice or another red mage. Also if you’re going to use a rally, i suggest an Atk/Spd ruse since you have a global Def/Res debuff already. I personally would do Harsh Command+ to get all those pesky debuffs/status effects off the offensive unit who is about to engage.

If I wasn’t able to find a way to OHKO L! Chrom, I straight up would just lose to your team.