Tethys, Temari, and Phantom Res

So there has been some discussion about if the phantom res seal coming out as a reward during the upcoming tempest trials is good or not. I have wondered the same thing.

At first I thought this would be the opportune time to finally build a Temari Tethys. But when I went to the unit builder, I found she very much does not need Phantom Res to do her job:

Throw Fury in there or something and that is really plenty of resistance imo. Am I wrong here?

What is your target resistance to debuff?
For reference:


And she rocks the Spd/Res seal during Astra season. Right now it’s on Temari Eir


the reason I will use phantom res is that there is no other seal that I need on her.
drive, chill and dance seals are options. but If they are already covered the extra res is just good safety, and makes a low merge more viable

I personally don’t stack res on her, it’s naturally so high that it doesn’t make much of a difference imo. I use a speed boon on her as well. With fury tho.

This is very true. It makes a low budget Tethys much more effective at her job.