Tfw no Skadi, now get in here losers and sulk with me. AKA Skadi Salt Thread

Thread made specifically for the purpose of those who failed to pull Skadi, i need others to relate to please. I feel so broken, I feel so cheated and violated. Im bad at saving my quarts, but I saved for several months, I managed to scrap up 530 SQ and 70 tickets, maybe more, by the time Skadi was here and yet she never came, pull after pull and nothing. I felt optimistic at first, but after the first several pulls revealed nothing even remotley valuable, i felt impending doom, abandoned by the gatcha gods. i wasnt even blessed with a spook or anything amazing just 3 stars servants and ce’s and those those GODFORSAKEN EVENT CE’S! The only Sr i got were 2 copies of Mac Cumlord, marie antoniette and 3 copies of stupid ■■■■■■■ Suzuka, all sr’s i already have. its not fair and every time i see some asshole boast about the multiple Skadis he pulled i feel bitter, i whisper “Brother please share the luck” but it falls on deaf ears. I am now down to 0 SQ and 0 tickets, I am highly considering spending money but i cant, i have to fight the urge. To any similar comrades who failed to get the ice cream queen please tell me your sorrow, im here for you.


I feel you. It ultimately took me 690 SQ and 120 tickets with a nice Osakabehime spook to boot before I finally saw her. Was not worth, and it felt like months of effort saving up was just invalidated altogether.

Just don’t spend money. As a former dolphin, I beg that you don’t feed this evil system.


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So, shall we call this attempt #5 or #6, then?


95% of me couldn’t help but feel sad about your failure.

The remaining 5% couldn’t help but burst in laughter with the new iteration of the Jeanne Meme.

You still have the 10 tickets from the final log in of the anniversary. Don’t lose hope, yet.

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I’ll share some of my luck. I always seem to do better if I don’t pull any of the friend point gacha for at least a week. Sherlock, Arjuna, and Xuanzang all came from single yolo tickets after not doing the friend point gacha for a while and that was the only pulling I did since April because I was saving for Skadi. I stopped using the friend gacha a week before skadi and the first ticket I used summoned a Tamamo cat, which wasn’t Skadi, but it seemed to validate my theory of not using the fp gacha to boost luck. This ends my TED talk.

No skadi till now I don’t know why I even got those free quartz for. Finally broke the vow today as F2P after 1.5 years ( got tempted by the extra banner) and what I got was a frickin Jeanne.

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Wherefore doth thee insist to rubbeth salt on mine own wounds. thee w’re lucky enow to receiveth two ssr’s with all yond saint quarts. i wouldst has’t been joyous with at least a fateful ssr spook.


'twas not meant to be a flex, good sir. You were very likely to be in the same camp to boot if you just had more quartz. We both were screwed hard by statistics. If I could give her back and have all the quartz returned, I would.

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Me realizing this isn’t the AK section and I’m thinking about the wrong Skadi



my skadi’s useless, because I be noscoping :fgo_astolfo:


Wherefore doth thee not wanteth skadi i wouldst loveth to has’t one of the large four.

when you sink everything you have into a banner and not walk out with even one good random item, it doesnt feel real, at least the last time i rolled heavy on a banner i walked out with a random Ozzy spook, here its nothing. i just keep staring at the 0 quarts and it stares back at me. empty like my soul.


Let me offer you up some recompense, in all my f2p history it was the biggest shaft i ever faced. 460 SQs :heavy_plus_sign: 67 tickets for a yan qing, ibaraki and deon spook.
Not a single ssr or new sr even, not even a good ce except event ces. My first roll was yan qing and subsequently i have 20-25 comsequetive rolls of only gold 4* CEs only then drought.
And that’s not all
I rolled in extra GSSR i had 9/10 chances of getting a new ssr servant AND that too all limited. Ended up getting NP2 jeanne. Even salieri was np4 only. This all happened in the very same day.
Gacha giveth and taketh all away.

Edit: Last haul 12 sqs and 12 tix. Got loading then suddenly a gold caster, ,nitocris a,np2 nito :slightly_smiling_face:really gacha¿ what did i do to deserve this? :slightly_smiling_face:
Ameno doremi., my only ray of hope was that in one tix i got my 5th copy of kscope. I will fuse helena, chiron and arash to project skadi. Ameen

Edit2: completed a few interludes and str quest (around 10 each),did a roll didn’t excepted any thing and then,gold caster, (i though who nito or scez pherhaps), :sob:


Perfect, a Skadi salt thread! I definitely want to wallow in my salt.

I spent around 900 sq (half of those paid) on Skadi’s initial solo banner with no SSR to speak of. I had optimistically walked in to the banner with 400 sq in savings, foolishly thinking that should have given me good enough chances. Another 500 sq later, I was staring into the void of the deepest salt mine I had ever dug for myself.

I’m of course going to throw in the 10 tickets we get as a reward soon, but what are the chances that Skadi will bother showing up from those? None whatsoever. The gacha is cruel and is probably enjoying my pain.

We must destroy the gacha.

P.S. someone please help me not spend on this cursed banner again! My willpower is weak :sob:


She’s the third servant i had been saved for yet failed to get in a row. I got Anatalsa instead. Feel like a ntr antagonist now.

No salt here, but it did take 960 SQ (a bit less actually, I forget which roll of the 10 got her, but 960 was spent regardless).

720 SQ + 80 tickets, was saving for 7 months (I’m F2P), as a result — no Skadi. To add to the salt, majority of my rolls were minrolls without any spooks.
PS: Spent 1000+ SQ and 200~ tickets on JP for her, no Skadi either. It’s a fate, I guess.


Yeah, the failures definitely hurt. I remember that first Tamamo banner with nothing but salt in my heart. First big loss and not nearly enough to show for it. Just leaves you in a bad spot where you need to step away for a bit and just not think about it. Less easy of course when that servant you didn’t get is on everyone’s support lists…

Anyways. Definitely take the time to vent. It’s important to work through things.


300 sq is statistically close to 50% chance of getting Skadi. 600 sq should almost be 100% chance. If you failed despite that, then it’s DW’s fault, not yours. Don’t spend any dime in this farce. Just buy 15 sq for the gssr and nothing else to vote with your wallet and tell them which practice you actually support.

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I just did a single ticket (from tonights 10) on Skadi’s banner.

Gold lights… okay.

Rider… damnit.

Quetzacoatl. ■■■■! I ALREADY HAVE OZY NP4!