Thank You, uninspired Ninja Banner! A year of Halloween +10's

So yesterday the original Halloween banner returned, as I had originally planned I spent a good portion of my visible orb stash (~130 orbs spent), resulting in my 3rd Halloween +10 this year!

I present:

She was +8 so nabbing 2 (and no Jacob’s in those orbs was incredible).

For completeness sake:

my first +10 Halloween unit

From the insanely lucky but still reckless investment on her new power banner

The Future Arena unit, once the rest of the team is in place.

Was at +5 going into his banner, 4*'s really came through.

Now I can easily save my TT orbs (as well as mail, CC, Squad Assault, and low difficulty story/paralogue’s I have yet to claim) for the upcoming Laegjarn, at least I’m guaranteed 1 from the spark


Congrats 5 star seasonals arent exactly easy to get.


Congrats on finally finishing her. I hope you get more use out of her than I do of mine. I was pretty bummed out when she didn’t get a refine. She’s practically useless without heavy investment. Even then, other dagger units do a better job.


I was using her in AR with anywhere from modest to great success, but for some reason the Auto-create feature doesn’t ever pick her, and I hate the mode too much to personally change the units.