Thanks Giving missions glitched

i’ve been killing skeletons for a day now and swimming in bones which are RED but the get 1 red colored item mission still never completes
wtf i’m doing wrong or this just glitched and i was cucked from my f2p quartz???!?

Bones just don’t count for whatever reason. Get a red gem


ridiculous absolutely ridiculous



Try checking guides occasionally

Game rarely makes sense in how it classifies anything so always check a guide. Another fun fact crabs do not count as wild beasts.


To be completely fair, not sure why a guide is needed to confirm why red items do not count as red items. If anything, that is precisely why you need a guide, because developers be sus and you never know what is going on in their heads. You can’t just assume that red is red anymore.

A crab isn’t a beast

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You’re not wrong, but I gave up assuming any form of logic in this game. Just keep a page of guides bookmarked for literally everything anymore.

Regardless, banging your head against a Fuyuki brick wall repeatedly then bitching about it on GP seems silly.


just run 20ap dailies for a red gem

you don’t need a guide if you just bother to look at the enemy/drop info of a node

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What about me who wants a guide for AP effieciency?

wants aren’t needs