Thanks GVader

I have to hand it to you, @GVader

Thanks for giving me the idea to +10 Oboro and give her all the Close Defense skills. She walled pretty much anything that got in my way.
+10 Lif? :ok_hand:
+10 L!Eliwood? :ok_hand:
+10 Alm that did double 24s on her? :ok_hand: :ok_hand:
+10 Halloween Myrrh every other map? :ok_hand: :feh_myrrhno: (casual double 64s on them :feh_annawink:)

The final boss wasn’t too difficult. +10 Sutrs, a Mila, +10 L!Chrom and another Halloween Myrrh.

I tip my beenie to you, sir


:gun: :feh_obotank:




He casually did 0 dmg to my Oboro while she did like 13. Best part was the +10 L!Chrom on that team also did 0 dmg and kept taking -20 from Lif.

Laughs were had by my Edelgard, Fike and Echidna sitting in the back.

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Thats my boy


Why are people so shocked that Oboro can tank so well? Her prf is literally an Armor effective close defense lance.


Because I sweat anytime I enter a competitive mode without my L!Chrom. Ive gotten so used to his Reposition skill. He’s my secret weapon whenever I need units dead.

I’ve been using Donnel and Odin on my Arena core since they’ve merged, and Donnel can typically handle most non-green threats outside of Lancebreaker units (like Reinhardt), even more so with Omni Link Odin giving him +6 to all stats.

He can’t tank a Surtr or anything like that, like Oboro can, so… Yeah.

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Thanks, GVader

I don’t think anyone is so shocked that she can tank thing’s when I shove it down everyone’s throat all the time…

IS: Oh what’s this a new super busted melee unit just got released and is going to dominate everything

Me: Oboro will easily deal with it and hardly take much damage

I do it for pretty much everything new that everyone says is going to be op… of course it really only works mostly only for melee based unit’s… tho some mages she can still tank

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coming through intensifies

Well done sir. You gave her A and S close defense also? (And obviously her PRF)

Or you give her fort Res Def?

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I gave her Bracing Stace 3 from Mila. This provides the guard effect with +6 to def and res. Close Def on her weapon and seal too with lull atk/def


Oh dude, that would make her near invincible! Good call!

And lull… I am impressed

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Damn, somehow I went down a tier last season back to 20.
However, OboroWall helped me get back up there
Thanks again, @GVader

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It’s all right… I didn’t make it into t21 either last season… I’m not even sure what rank I was… but I was in t21 until the final day came around where I was holding onto t21 with a strand of hair