Thanksgiving Banner Roll Thread

Good luck everyone rolling on the Thanksgiving banners! Lots of hot picks and surprise rate-ups this year and I hope everyone gets who they want :cat:


implying you’d ever learn


Only really want Okita NP2, Da Vinci NP2 and Iskandar at all really. Everything else would just be nice, though I’m not interested in Amakusa or Hiji whatsoever.

I want gil and mhx but wallet-kun is on life support atm so doubt I’ll get them

Probably throw some tic to Vinci banner, the saving are for january rate-up


180 sq

3 ssrs

I can do this!


Good luck!


I must resist temptation and save fore Eresh!

no, you can’t

Gah, I’m still undecided about who I want to roll for or if I should just relax until Sheba’s banner

Catch me out here throwing tickets and at max one 10 roll at the gil banner

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Goddammit @Insert-name You seriously got Gil with 30 SQ?

2 tickets and 30 SQ.
Man I’m amazed, that I went fuhahahaha zasshu as that happened.
I was worrying about buying SQ (had total 43 SQ) as today’s his only solo rateup sadly.
8M download tickets weren’t there when I logged in (received later on).
Guess the 210 quartz I used on Ishtar finally accumulated here.


Trust me I didn’t believe it myself

Gil come home with 30 SQ, I’m so happy about it

I’m kind of person will be happy with whatever servants i got but after a streak of 700 quarzts no targeted servants it feels a bit salty. Today, got Gil NP2 and Art of Death CE with 200q and 10 ticks im so happy. And btw, is Berserker of El Dorado good?


You got her? Yeah, she’s a decent supp Zerk that can bring the pain when needed


Ah, Gil you were more determined than Ishtar to escape my grasp but you’ll have to try harder than that!


Wish Oki was the first. Saved for her but gil would probably be a fair upgrade to emiya…or arjuna. (my hate-on shall never wilt).

Oh hey, 1st Beowulf. Cool