Thanksgiving campaign material tickets

Which material will you use them for?

Personally, since I need both feathers and gears (and some bronze mats, but those will be on upcoming lotteries), I looked at event shops (and lotteries) for Christmas this year and all events of next year, and for me there was only one conclusion:
Use them all on gears.

The other materials just aren’t as rare if you include lotteries, and nearly every (or every?) event from now to end of March has feathers in their shop, but only KnK has gears until then.
After that, JttW rerun and Apo events have gears as well, and early June will have them in a hunting mission, but after that it’s only like 1 more event shop until the end of the year, so pretty much a drought again.

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I need a heck-ton of fangs for all my damn Arthurian servants and crystals for a variety of others, so I’ll be going for those.

Really wish bones had been included, since now I have to wait until January to ascend my Shuten. :fgo_badciv:



Tough call, if they’d announced this a month ago I would gobble up gears no problem. But now I have a nice 3T comp for barrel tower and farmed a nice stack of gears without too much trouble…

Eh, 22 bones to ascend isn’t that terrible. Hit Fuyuki G a couple days once event is over and done with and you should be good.

Now, grinding 132 bones to raise three skills between Tamamo and Raikou to 6 (as I did past few months, only on natural AP when nothing else interfered), that’s painful. :fgo_kiarasmile:

I’ll take the feathers since I can use them for ascensions, I’m good on gears for the immediate future and a few tickets won’t fill my hundreds dragon fangs requirements. I’d have taken sea shells since they’re the hardest to farm off season but I don’t see them in there.

GEARS. Eternal(ly Absent) Gears.


on this


Well, yes. I also have the skill issue with Raikou. I can wait on skills, it’s the ascension that’s the problem.

But I also can’t be bothered to ever grind for materials, so there’s that too.

Dragon Fangs… I need so very many dragon fangs…

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quite literally so during the early portion of the game

god, just ■■■■the era of pre-london servants needing gears

and me having both emiya and waver as some of my staple servants did not help things


Makes me wonder if DW specifically did not want us max ascending servants early on so the early singularities would appear difficult.

Something’s terribly wrong here.


Understandable. Was contemplating (rainbow-)appling it away, having those two month-long tickets worth of bones helped alleviate it somewhat. Still a drag.

I hope to have bone-needs covered with Vinci-rerun, which is in the deadest time of year. Lizard teeth too should I be content with bone-count after a few days and there’s time to spare.

I’ll trade you all my gears for them crystals, bro.

Best boi Astolfo requires Horseshoes :fgo_astolfo:

As soon as that skill becomes lvl 10, my entire farming setups will drastically change :fgo_buster:

hey, I’m just saying you at least can farm it now

meanwhile, aside from pages, you have more of everything else shown here, compared to me

The only things I farm are event shops. It’s too much of a soul-draining exercise to play through a node just hoping I might happen to get a drop eventually. At least events shop steady, guaranteed success of currency drops. And occasionally Ascension items as a bonus.

Feathers. I want some Ascensions available ahead of time for the Sheepmas lottery.

Seriously, 3 lottos in a row and not a Gear in sight :fgo_jeannu:

shame neither upcoming gilfest lotto has gears

missed opportunity, to not let me call it gearfest