Thanksgiving speculation thread, alias FGO KR making hopes for early Archuria

I’ll preface this thread with disclaimer, that everything here is a pure speculation and unless proven by official statement issued in FGO social media (Facebook, Twitter, news webpage), it’s not going to be live. I’m have no connections to Aniplex nor any TM subsidiary

Thus, take this thread with a grain of salt

So, let’s begin
KR server publisher, Netmarble, periodically publishes upcoming (+/- 2 months) content schedule, which includes both events and summoning banners. Why is this relevant for us?
Because this gave us a hint that Fujino is going to have early (on JP she was only during Summer5 rerun, not during og run) banner. People thought it’s going to be KR exclusive, but Aniplex US surprised us, and we got exact same banner as KR did (Dondo+Jarcher+Kiyohime+Fujino).

So, fast forward to today, we got this

Putting it into Google TL seems like it’s “Imaginary Scramble campaign two”, but it might be as well KR anniv (which is KR-exclusive campaign), and NA can rename it to Thanksgiving as well
So, another unexpected banner/surprising Tg lineup or am I just high on copium for early Archuria?


Archuria :fgo_seibashook:


I was busy and wasn’t able to post the KR server’s October schedule. I have previously posted and shared information about the KR server and its monthly schedule.
Maybe, I should create a new thread to inform and share the KR monthly schedule and how we, NA, can/will have those “unexpected” banners as well (e.g.: the past Fujino banner, the current Jalter banner and etc).

Here is the breakdown:

Actually, the most “important unexpected news” in October is Altria Archer’s banner.
In KR server, it is called the Imaginary Scramble Summoning Campaign (Pick-up banner) Part.2.
Hence, we can expect this banner to take place for us, NA, most likely after five~seven days after the start of the actual Imaginary Scramble event.

I personally don’t think NA will have this Altria Archer’s banner “pushed” back to our Thanksgiving banner. NA will have the banner just like the KR.
So, players wanting Altria Archer, get your SQs ready.
I am definitely going to roll for my sixth copy of Altria Archer so that I can open her third append skill with no hesitation and worries.


Isn’t it too early for a thanksgiving speculation thread?

Besides if it’s Imaginary Scramble banner part two we’ll probably get it on that event instead of thanksgiving just like how we got fujino’s banner during summer event.


Somebody talk me out of rolling for love when I got a NP3 Gil…


Jalter CE vs Arhuria NP2 with minimal SQ…DAM U TANKMAN! :fgo_badciv:

Anyway, I don’t think it’s going to be a thanksgiving as wejustpay mentions. I think it’s going to be like the summer banner where we got another 3third banner with Fujino and Kuhahahaha. So this time it’s just Imaginary Scramble banner 3.

Regarding the Thanksgiving banner,. I do hope for servants I don’t really want.

As long as it's not one of these few servants, I'm safe
  • Castoria
  • Murasaki Shikibu
  • Semiramis
  • Eresh
  • Maid Alter
  • Kiara
  • Melt
  • Tamamo
  • Tamamo-Shark
  • Bryn
  • Raikou
  • Drake
  • Seiba
  • Seiba Lancer


Previous TG banners for info

I wanted to tell you just that when you previously posted the Korean banners but I forgot, teehee. :fgo_bblaugh:
I agree, it’s probably best to make a new thread with those monthly banner news so we have one place we go to for this news and we can comment on instead of fragments spread all over the board.
Though do it only if you have the energy to keep it updated, otherwise this is fine. :fgo_gilwink:

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I hope it’s Eresh :fgo_ereshpeek: damn you Babylon

We have Christmas in September

But on a more serious note, it probably is, but KR schedule made me think “So NA/KR exclusive IS2 banner or is it Tg?”, which prompted me to created the thread


with rerun I’m not gonna be surprised if they will put Christmas on spring.

I hope we’ll get that banner. Not gonna roll for Archuria but hey more banner is always good cuz waiting for 1 or 2 year for your favs banner to come again suck.

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Are there any good CEs on that archuria banner?

We have literally no idea what this banner is going to have besides Archuria


I will let you all know once I get more information on the Altria Archer banner in October. My personal guess is that since it is called Part 2 banner, the banner will most likely have the Imaginary Scramble CEs. Also, the banner will probably have another SSR related to the event similar to the current Jalter and Orion banner.

I will make that new KR monthly schedule thread soon ;) and try to update it asap at the last day of each month (that same day - since that is when the KR server announces their new monthly schedule).


If that’s the case, which probably will be looking at the pattern so far, shouldn’t be too difficult to guess. Most of the SSRs with Imaginary event bonus had a banner more or less recently or they will have it on NYs… So maybe Skadi? Unless they put Xiang Yu on rate up, but he got one banner last February I think…

The SRs are more difficult to guess. Possible options: Surfer Mo, Summer Marie, Summer Anne & Mary, Summer Nito… Personally I think Surfer Mo is a given but we will see.

Btw, calling it now: Arjuna Alter won’t be on the Thanksgiving Banner.

Cause they are keeping him for the especial Karnamas extra banner :eyes:


I’m only here to say that the surprise Fujino banner was the best thing that ever happened to me


Would br nice if they rerun summer 1 servants alongside archeria

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It certainly would be nice for her to come back, otherwise her next scheduled rateup 2 years in the future is right before summer 7 right next to Arcueid banner/pretty rough, but I haven’t seen many servants worth rolling in 2 years in NA besides Arcueid. The problem with a game this old is that limited servants can go many years without rateup.

Hmm this certainly gives me pause in rolling for Jalter tomorrow.
I was planing on going pretty deep so I could tick “ST Avenger” off my wish list, but “ST Archer” is also on that list and Squirtoria was at the tippy top.

She would be much more generally useful than Jalter since I have Castoria and not Merlin.

I think i’ll just drop my 10 tixs tomorrow and save the SQ.

I’ve always wanted a copy of Archuria but right now i only have eyes for Van Gogh, if their banners somehow overlap for a day and i get extremely lucky with her i may try to get Archuria too.

You can get Avenger Ushi for the ST Avenger spot early next year.