Tharja for the win!

This just me showing off my tharja build that I just was able to finish changed it up to something that she can make use of what I had around.
Can’t wait when she get her resplendent!


Congrats in her build, she looks awesome. Just needing a few merges.

Mine really needs updated and I’d been hoping Atk/Res Menace but F!M!Morgan refuses to show up.


I relate to this, because I’m only just now starting to build an Effie. I had a 4*+10 Effie since like 2018, but now I also have a 5*+1, so you’re not alone. They can do a lot with the right resources, even if they’re not +10 yet.

isnt erikia in abanner now? You could snag an atk/spd menace? or is it more for a specific build?

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My Effie is just sitting with that old bold fighter built with a brave lance Is did her refine bad, so I never touched her tho. I might go for a stout lance build for more tanking since she is getting a resplendent soon.
and dam a 4+10, I nearly don’t have any of those anymore :cry:


Mine had Bullshit Fighter and Firesweep Lance…without the +. And yes, it worked surprisingly well in 2019.

I’m after Atk/Res as I’m aiming more towards one-shotting and while Atk/Spd would give them same boost to her damage output, the Res debuff means more damage dealt.

It’s also a case of resources. I’ve plenty units who would want Atk/Spd Menace, but it’s really only Tharja who can use Atk/Res well so if she aims for that then there’s one less on the long Atk/Spd waiting list.

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