That one servant who will never answer your call

Title says it all. It used to be Jeanne Alter for me before I finally got her (disappointed that I broke down and went against my new years resolution a bit to get her but it is what it is) so now it’s Suanzang. Just something about her is really wholesome to me, but at a rate up last year I just couldn’t grab her, or during any other event where she had a rate up. It’s especially why I’m not looking forward to tomorrow …

How about you guys?

Raikou. Both versions. 400 SQ through three accounts for nothing. I only dropped 100 SQ on lancer Raikou, but I got spooked by Nightingale and Orion, no rate-up SR.

MHX i try pretty hard this two banner and she haven’t come

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Void Shiki, for some reason she just doesn’t like me very much and she was the only reason I rolled on the banner. The game gave me 8 Fujinos but what the hell am I gonna do with all of them…

I think she’ll be in next years New Years Banner, so I’ll try that time to get her.

I lot of people would wish to have at lest one


Raikou for me as well. Got spooked by Anne & Mary and Herc while rolling for Summer Raikou. Got spooked by Osakabehime on Raikou’s Rate up during Setsubun. Mama don’t love me. :cry:

If only there was a Servant Trading thing for people in your friends list. I would’ve happily traded copies to people for other 4 stars.

Like a certain robo-waifu assassin for instance…


Melt and Oui-chan. Spent $400 on each banner, not a single copy came home. In exchange, got NP3 Lip and Suzuka on Melt’s banner, and spooked by Okki and Nightingale on Oui’s banner.

Ack I am sorry to hear that @yoursenpai. Hope Gacha treats you better in the future.

I had not intended to mention her name but at this point it can’t get any worse. 0 from 0 = 0. Avenger Jeanne D Arc has been my hope offensive Servant since early game and I went all in on rolling for her in Jan on her “rate-up” (cough - bullshyt) and got a massive bag of Nada. Maybe not as whale ac some other folks here but for a game I spend very little on it was alot to me. Only silver lining was getting spooked by Waver. Im still Salty.

Jack had been a bit of a let down anytime I go for her but I haven’t really seriously rolled for her. Just a few chances here and there, extra tickets. Here is too hoping when she comes up on a rate up real soon she answers my Chaldea’s call. Though, now that Semiramis and Shiki joined my Chaldea recently my Assassin class has vastly improved from the bottom of the barrel it use to be. Jack would top it off though and turn it into a strong class finally for my Chaldea.

Jack is non-limited so she could spook you at anytime.

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Zerker Nobu.

She avoided me after over 200 SQ and my new priorities for this year don’t warrant rolling for her again.

Void Shiki and Musashi. Rolled hard for both their banners and got neither of them. Here’s to hoping I get at least one of them in the 3rd Anniversary GSSR

Yes. Hope they will re-run a summoning campaign again

Wanna trade your 8 copies of Fujino (who was my real target) for my Void Ryougi?

Scathach. Rolled for her on every rate up she’s had since the game started and never got her. Even spent like $800 one time and didn’t even get an sr. Never whaled again tho lol

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Big oof

I spent a similar amount ($700-800) or slightly less for Oui. Got only copy at the very end, that challenge is the reason I’ll never whale again. Yeah back to back min rolls were disheartening.

Though on another note Ive been playing almost 900 days and don’t have a single Waver. Ive rolled on several of his banners, albeit only a few multis each time, but it still adds up. If he doesnt come on his upcoming solo rate up I might be convinced that he’ll never come to my Chaldea.

Waver always refuses me. So did Merlin. I have Tamamo, but no one ever uses her from my support list.

Scathatch… just no. I’ve seen hell, and I wont go back

If there was a Servant Trading system I would totally give you 3 of my extra Fujinos no charge.

If only Servants were like PokéMon…