That TASTY DC banner

I just couldn’t resist that banner, with DC being so valuable. After just over 100-ish orbs, I ended up with 2 focus units and 2 pity breakers.

The focus units were Nailah (on the free summon no less) who has +def -res; then there’s Nagi (+atk -hp). Then the pity breakers were Kliff (almost tempted to keep him) who has +res -hp; and there’s B!Eliwood (-atk +res), the bad IVs make him the one I’d feel least guilty foddering.

Now… who the heck do I even give these skills to? I’m kinda tempted to give BK DC and special fighter. I’ve also heard Donnel does nicely with Null-C-Disrupt and DC. Any suggestions guys?


This is the first time I hear of someone pulling for fodder just for safe keeping :feh_tooobin:

That said, great pulls, you got lucky. Those two are good ideas, I’d say. Libra/Ross or Soleil can also use DC and NCD well besides Donnel, though your Helbindi kinda covers that. Special Fighter and DC sure are :ok_hand: on Black Knight. I’d do it if you like using him.

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