That was awful!

So… I finally faced a grunt that broke me.

Golbat, Crobat and Gyarados. This bitch ass ■■■■ made me cry. I doubted myself, threw my school bag, threatened to kill her, and I lost about 5 GODDAMN TIMES. I’M NOT A TRAINER!! I’M HORRIBLE! I’M SCUM!!! I SHOULD GIVE UP AND DIE!! I beat the sag of shit that should’ve never existed, but at what cost!? My goddamn self-esteem, a bunch of Max Revives, and I possibly almost caused a scene at my college. ■■■■. YOU. FLYING. ROCKET. GRUNT!!! Finally beat her with Salamence of all things.

But you did win in the end, so you are a great trainer you learned from the previous battles and adapted your team so you could take the grunt out.

Congrats :+1::+1::+1:


Can I try to give you an advice?

If you don’t succed, don’t try and try again until something good comes out. Take a little break, meditate what went wrong and try to re-do your team to fit the weaknesses the pokemon they are throwing to you have.

As a side note, you can chip some damage by throwing a quick mon (plz be a high lvl one atleast) and take a shield down, throw one attack more, switch to your damage dealer and take down it’s first mon, take down the next shield and with the 2 sec cooldown they have, try to farm energy to use a charged move to faint that mon and, if your damage dealer faints, you still can win if you don’t mess up with the shields. Atleast that’s what has been working for me when they are too strong to beat at first.

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May I give you a virtual hug?

Do you have decent Rock or Electric attackers?

It must be satisfying to finally send Team Rocket blasting off again!

Good advice.

Grunts don‘t use shields though

That was for the leaders.

I never fought any of the leaders. I’m too scared to fight them, until Tyranitar can get a better charged move

Still, the tip is there.

You are gotta go mad when you see a female grunt with “Get ready to be defeated.”

Always starts with Lapras, then continues with Poliwrath, then Gyarados/Dragonite, sometimes Snorlax, even rarer, a Gardevoir.

I usually avoid those grunts. Also the “Don’t bother - I’ve already won,” ones. I avoid those and try to find the “Let’s Rock and Roll,” ones. The Rock ones always have a Shadow Larvitar to catch, but they’re so hard to find nowadays…

She needs a new move! Hopefully, I’ll be able to find some Larvitar grunts tomorrow, because my friend and I are going to Seattle tomorrow and tomorrow is the Piplup Community day, so maybe I’ll fight in a raid.

That is the one I am talking about.

I kind of remember you had a PS AV Mamoswine from the other thread a bit underleveled, still should be able to kill golbat and crobat switching at the start, at good lvl can solo if the last is a Nite and even with gyara depending on moveset will leave it hurted, in general you wont lose any shield on the process

I got the Lapras-Poli-Nite first time and it barelly wiped me i was not expenting that at all

I still beat her, with Salamence

If you face another Flying grunt in future, you want to be able to beat her without losing five times, crying and throwing your school bag. Mamoswine would be far more effective against Flying grunts (and so would most decent Rock or Electric attackers).

Male ones are not as difficult. They use Gen 1 starter lines, which a high-level Dragonite with DB/DC or DT/OR should have an easy time against.

His D.Nite has Hurricane if I remember correctly, plus the fact he wants to prioritize CTMs (if he gets them) on his Tyranitar.

If his Salamemce has Outrage, which it should, it can be used as a budget D.Nite.

EXACTLY. @SupaAnimegal You are not going anywhere near these Grunts until you get a above-decent combo team.

Combo of Smack Tyra/Golem Jolteon, Mamoswine will take any possible lineup. Mostly there will be just 3 bats with occasionally Dragonite, Scyther and Gyarados. Thats why Jolteon and Mamo here. They still do well vs bats. Or better, if you have Magnezone or Electivire or Even Raikou.

I know what to use against Flying Grunts!!
She caught me off guard with Gyarados and the only electric type I’m okay with using, until I can get Electivire is Jolteon, and it lost and Gyarados BARELY held on!

I’ll just avoid the flying ones. Catching Zubat (or even Golbat) sucks anyways.

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Well, its the best grunt to earn purifier medal,cause bats cost only 1000 dust to purify. And some parts of Giovanni quest require purify x mon too :)


Sadly, Zubat is the hardest one to catch for me (even with berries.)

I miss it a lot.