The 12 Mil and Kara No Kyoukai banners

I was wondering, which would have the better pros and least worrisome cons? I really wanted Lip in the CCC banner but didn’t get her, And Fujino is a one time only deal from the looks of it albeit being a decent 4* archer and Lip comes back in the CCC rerun.

If you want fujino just because she’s a decent archer; don’t roll knk. There are lots of decent archers including two welfares. If you want her because waifu as well… Better act now since so far she isn’t coming back.

Lip will have additional chances of getting rolled, but also fits a more unique role as one of only 2 AoE alter egos. Not that alter ego is a required class to have, it is a nice option to have.


Really wish to emphasize this, especially if Fujino isn’t actually a favorite of yours versus, you know, Lip.

Chloe is an outstanding selfish Arts ST DPS, a very capable fast-play CQ unit and farmer in her own right. She does DPS far better than Fujino at equal NP levels except she’s guaranteed NP5 (and also her surehit utility baked into her NP turn), and San(ta) does support far better than her by virtue of actually being supportive. Neither are as bulky in terms of resisting basic card attacks, but are much better at killing before you need resiliency in the first place. Former returns early next year, latter late this year.

The pros for KnK are that you can potentially roll a mediocre AOE DPS Saber - even though you can always ticket Suzuka/Siegfried/Nero/Gawain/Salter with the first two being permanent, and Lily will be returning in a matter of weeks with NP RUQ in tow to allow her to hit harder than NP1 Salter and fulfill your farming need - who happens to be an utterly lovely soul, and you can roll a strong but not exactly necessary Archer. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Fujino and aimed for 2+, but she’s a loyalty roll - that she’s at all worthwhile unlike Miyu is icing on the cake. The con, and this is notable, is that SQ is not being saved towards Lip.

The pros of rolling for Lip in the CCC banner are that you can potentially get a Limited favorite, as well as Kiara who can be an all-purpose Cavalry-killer and CQ candidate for you. Latter isn’t cream of the crop but is pretty great just due to her 50% charge alone, but has demonstrably reasonable uses beyond AOE farm. The con is that the SQ isn’t going towards a mediocre Saber who will be back on rate-up by 2022 (excl. GSSRs), and a luxury Archer (I contend that she’s good and has her uses but that doesn’t make her not a relative luxury roll, not unlike e.g. Arthur).

If I were you I’d skip on the bridge bender and save for giant claws.


Agree with you. I will throw 30SQ at Fuji on the 4-way banner (Lartoria and Liz are interesting) but won’t bother rolling otherwise.

You honestly make some massive good points. Suzuka, Altera, Okita, Saberlot, Salter, Liz , Lily and Seiba are all my available sabers, and Shiki is always on the paid banner if I ever decide to roll on there. And Kiara is also Effective with Rulers, so that’s an even bigger plus if she spooks me.

Also, there really isn’t anything Void Shiki can do that a grailed Nero can’t do better. After Shiki gets her NP upgrade, she’ll make up some ground, but then Nero will get her battery and it’s no contest.


Congrats, you can already effectively ST CQ Saber-wise.

Lily, Saber (post-upgrade)

And farm.

Yeah, mechanically, you’ve little reason to roll KnK. I wish you the best with Lip, she’s a good girl.


Fujino is a really good SR ST Archer, but she’s one of many really good SR ST Archers. However, if you like her as a character from KnK, this is your only chance ever to get her.

Void Shiki is alright. Not great, not bad, but just alright. Her biggest calling card is her durability, and her damage can be a bit lacking.

Bad news: Didn’t get lewd nun.

Good news: My curse is broken and Lip is home. Thanks for the luck!

Oof… but yay! Congrats on Lip finally coming home!!

I also didn’t get Lewd Nun (though I only threw tickets at it, so I didn’t expect to), but did get Lip. I’m not really sure how to feel about it. I have zero interest in her, and her kit seems… Weird. Being pretty low on embers and QP (amazing how fast it all evaporated after the lotto infusions) I’m not sure if I will even bother raising her in the foreseeable future. Though I won’t be rolling hard until Skadi, so I guess I’ll have time to catch-up.

So, I’d like some impressions of Lip, optimal use-cases, and such. I’ve read/watched all the typical review sources, but I’d love to hear the opinions of somebody who really likes her, and uses her often.

Basically, I want somebody to tell me why Passionlip is the best servant in FGO.