The 2022 SSR ticket support thread

If you’re unsure who to get, or want advice on who to get for your unique Chaldea, this is where you go for advice!


If you’re unsure who to get, or want advice on who to get for your unique Chaldea, this is where you go

Hello, the goal this thread is gonna be here to help reduce spam and clutter in the coming year, and to also to make it less intimidating to ask for help.

Please try to not leave one sentence replies
What I mean by this is stuff that ain’t just “F#*K EVERYONE ELSE, JUST GET WAIVER”, or “Yea no, I know who I’m getting, it’s Artoria”. The goal is to help and one off comments like that contribute nothing to the topic at hand. Please think of it as trying to sell people on why that would be a good pick, and not just a way to act smug

Be civil and polite
People might not go with your waifu/husbando or just not agree with your suggestion, this happens sometimes, and is not excuse to derail the thread with toxicity and general bad blood

Please be realistic
Someone might be new/missed an event, or something else and not have meta comps, it shouldn’t hinge on “Oh they’re great, but you need an MLB Kscope for it”

Also, starting from now, please @ any of the FGO mods in/flag any newly made redundant threads on the topic of asking who to get with the SSR ticket. Those will be merged with this topic to keep the rest of the forum clean. Old threads will be left as they are


(Might take a bit to polish up this thread, feel free to provide feedback as to how this should be managed, but after a certain point, the Q&A stuff should be the focus)


I’ll start

Just pick your favorite

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE will tell you to pick Waver and I’m here to tell Y’all that you should NOT listen to them and instead pick the character you Love Most of the bunch

Waver can spook you at any time this is a once in a lifetime chance to guarantee you get a Favorite SSR that seems to always evade you.


@ me first pls, I need to bore Flower to death with nothing to do


Reminder that the Servant chosen will initially be TEMPORARY.

In order to make them Permanent you need to raise them to the 1st Ascension and raise them to Bond Level 5. All ticket Servants will have increased EXP success chance when leveling until they become permanent.

There’s about 2 months from when the ticket is given out until the time limit to be permanent so hopefully most people will just naturally make their Servants permanent while playing.

Preemptively getting this information out now cause I just know there’s going to be issues with the way how previous SR Ticket events have been handled by the players.


I was disappointed that they didn’t include story locked servants. Would have probably consider taking Lion King for the NP2. :-/ Will gladly take Waver though.


I’m another on the “Waver ticket” wagon… for now.

I was sure I was gonna get Waver, then realized everytime I need him I just borrow him and field someone else and it helps party cost. Even this lotto where two of them would shine I’m making do without more than perfectly.

I’m seriously reconsidering just going for Seiba. The main reason against is that Salter all this time carried my Saber slot and is about to B10… only to be benched by her? Hm, that sucks (and hurts).

Now I need to think of someone else as another option…


The second ticket on 6th Anni thankfully rectifies that, even if it still doesn’t include any post Atlantis servants, and it is how I plan to get my 3rd/4th/5th (depending on prior rolls) copy of Quetzalcoatl.


I agree with what you’re saying, but on the other hand…

Let’s just say that anyone who comes here to ask for a recommendation probably doesn’t have a clear favorite in mind and deserves their obligatory Waver recommendation if they lack him :slight_smile:


If you’re happy with where your support servants are you don’t have to pick Waver. If you don’t have any good support servants Waver is head and shoulders above the rest of the picks since any comp can use Waver. That being said, if you really want to go for waifu or husbando no one can stop you.

Personally if I’m not spooked by Waver by the time the ticket rolls around the choice is quite easy for myself since I want Waver when I have just Skadi for EX tier support and Skadi doesn’t fit with everyone outside the 50% battery and defense down always being useful. Though if I’m spooked by Tamamo I may reconsider picking Waver too since Tamamo is great support for my arts servants.

If I was going for something powerful in the future it would likely be Vlad III though as Vlad shores up my ST wants and is great with Castoria for looping break bars. Part of me really wants Xuanzang because waifu and NP 2 Artoria is also tempting, but will eventually spook me hopefully like my first Artoria.


The general advice will almost always be “Waver or your favorite”, it’s a no-brainer.

If the user seeking advice doesn’t have any of the other current top SSR supports, people will recommend Waver of course and the recommendation itself isn’t ill-advised even though it sounds like a bandwagon.

For myself, I have all the current SSR supports except Waver/Tamamo and I’ve survived fine thus far without much difficulty. Can I continue to survive without a Waver till Castoria and Reines’ RUQ? Of course I can. I also have a NP2 Vlad for future ST Arts CQ so that part is covered as well.

Hence my choice is simple, either pick Tamamo if I fail to roll for her in Enma Tei’s rerun as a supplement to future Castoria loop farming/CQ or just simply go for a favorite.


Fair enough Gou-san

Fair enough


I am actually uncertain on whom I will end up picking. I am interested in the following however -

  • NP upgrade for Enkidu (for NP3)

  • Jinako solely for Esports but I am unsure how much usage she will actually get.

  • Vlad to fill my missing Arts Berserker slot, though I am unsure how well her performs at NP1 & I hear that he “wants” a Star Gather skill packed into his kit.

About my Roster

My only noteworthy AoE Saber is NP1 Shiki, I have NP5 Siegfried but he doesn’t see any use despite taking his skills to 9. Ignoring NP2 Gawain & NP3 Red Umu. However I am rolling for Muramasa at his release. - With Koyanskaya & Oberon I would be without a Buster Saber with a battery which leaves consideration for Saber & Mordred.

I have Napo, Enkidu (NP2), Bradamante (NP2), Achilles, Ozy, Drake (NP2), Ana (NP2), Sanzang, Scheherazade (NP3), Waver(NP2), Tamamo & Jeanne.

I lack Skadi, Nero & Nightingale as far as Supports go, I also do not have MGoS.

What I do have is MLB Scope, BG & Smiling Face and all the other supports.

I think that covers everything? If I missed anything please let me know. Anyone who is familiar with using Lv1 Jinako I would love to hear your feedback on this, thank you for reading. & Thank you for assisting with my indecisiveness.

Edit: Salieri, Murasaki & Da Vinci are currently covering my farming needs for all the class types but that is only with Arts.


I have him at NP1 and its fine after 2nd NP upgrade


Star gather would certainly be nice, but it won’t be nearly as important for him to function post-Castoria. His face cards were always complete junk, anyway.

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I’m leaning towards Jinako, since its just her, Brad and Europa that I don’t already have, but there’s a couple of NP levels I wouldn’t mind picking up either, namely Vlad (for function) and Scheherazade (for favouritism), with a couple of other wildcards thrown in like Karna and Tamamo if I decide I’m too lazy/mat-poor to ascend a new Servant. I think I’ll ultimately give in to the potential of Jinako’s stall power and the A++ voice work, but I’m open to persuasion :fgo_gudakolove:


When I exclude all the ones I already have, I have a handful of options.

Mordred, Enkidu, Karna, Europa, Anastasia, Vlad, Xiang Yu, Jeanne, and Ganesha.

I do not want Vlad, Xiang Yu, or Enkidu, and I’m not going to pick Jeanne, Ganesha, or Karna.

So it’s between Mordred, Europa, and Anastasia.

And here’s my current SSR roster for their classes. None of them would really add too much, the most utility being provided by Anastasia as a strong AOE caster.

I’m leaning towards Anastasia because I like her in the story and events but I feel the same about Mordred. I don’t care about Europa.

Anyone want to chime in with an opinion?

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Oh I forgot Anastasia, I even threw 2 multis at her the Interlude Campaign.

So far:

1 - Waver - Perfectly living without, but rounds up a lot of stuff. You can also always fail Castoria… also needed for the hidden bonus when fielded with king Broskandar.

2 - Artoria - Still no 5* Saber. Iconic character, powerful (especially after rank up). Sad thing is she would replace Salter, who’s been doing all the work.

3 - Anastasia - Like the design, story and the kit, plus waifu.

4 - Enkidu - I’m getting overloaded on Lancers, but another favorite. Plus very relevantly powerful.

2 to 4 are actually pretty close. I’m having doubts on 1.


This seems like a great place to write my thoughts down and get opinions! Thanks for the thread

I’ve thrown over 900 SQ at Waver by my last count with zero Wavers as a result, so my plan was Waver for this ticket, Ozy as the backup. Then, Reines and Ozy rolled in on some random November multis! So glad to get two of my favorite Servants on banners I hadn’t planned for, but my two top picks for the SSR ticket were obviously shaken up. After a lot of thoughts, I’m down to four, in no particular order:

  • Ganesha: She’s the only character I’d consider using the ticket for adding an NP level (currently NP1). I was moved to tears by her CCC, and loved her capitalizing on that growth in LB4. Plus her Karna fangirling is so sweet! I also really appreciate her kit, apart from I think her third skill needs a Rank-Up and her absolutely potato damage, which an NP level would help

  • Achilles or Bradamante: two top character picks for me, failed on their banners before. I also really enjoy my Quick-focused lineup (am I allowed to say that with the current JP meta?), so they would be fun for gameplay as well. I do have Quick AOE Riders (Astolfo, RiderRin) and Lancers (Valks), as well as Ishtarin for all-purpose AOE, so I’m not sure if they would be closing any gaps in my roster ( just in my heart :purple_heart:)

  • Waver: I have tried to get Waver for so long, it feels wrong to not use the ticket on him. Big fan of the character in F/Z and Case Files, not as impressed with his FGO implementation but he certainly still has his moments. While he can do several things Reines can’t, I’ve made it this far without my own copy of him, and once smug gets her Rank-Up, I’ll have her and Skadi as top-tier/50% supports, added to my plethora of mid-range supports I think I’ll be able to keep clearing content reliably and farming easily even if I don’t get lucky on upcoming EX-tier supports. Then Waver can join me if he chooses to instead of me forcing the connection lol.

Opinions, thoughts? People who have Bradamante and Achilles, what do you think? Does anyone think I’ll be overly-hamstringing my team without a Waver?


Now I’m curious
who are you picking?
(Pick one between the two polls)

  • Altera
  • Seiba
  • Mordred
  • Arjuna
  • Orion
  • Napoleon
  • Enkidu
  • Karna
  • Bradamante
  • Achilles
  • Europa
  • Ozy
  • Drake
  • Anastasia
  • Sanzang
  • Scheherazade
  • Waver
  • Tamamo
  • Okkie
  • Jack

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  • Vlad
  • Xiang Yu
  • Nightingale
  • Jeanne
  • Ganesha

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and why?

  • Favorite
  • Gameplay
  • Collection
  • Other

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