The +3 I never pulled for

I pulled another Brave Hector on my free summon, so I got another merge. The funny thing is, I never pulled for Brave Hector once. Oh well, another merge.

How did your free summons go?


Got a Serra



I got a 3 star Fae…

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This happened.

Got a four star Caeda from my free pull, in case you’re wondering.


Also got a free Brave Hector,therefore,getting me free Bold Fighter fodder :+1:

3 blues;

Got a 4 star Catria, 3 star Mathilda, and a 3 star Effie.

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5* Thea, I’m kinda tempted to give NY!Laegjarn Vanguard now.

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I got… Someone Green… Can’t quite remember who though. My memory farting on me when I need it most.

Edit: Oh, it’s a Cherche! I just checked.

She could use it. It’s a good idea, if you like using your Laejgarn. (Personally, I’d ask if I could take that Thea myself, I’m merging her)

One time, my roommate pulled 4 brave Hectors on a mythic banner…

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He’s a lucky one, I guess. Lots of Bold Fighter fodder. He’s also a fun unit, if he’s into that sorta thing. Good for him!

I’ve got some 4* Thea, I would give you if I could.

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I’m trying to figure out if I wanna build Thea or Florina for my next blue merge project

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Are you talking about @SupaAnimegal? They’re a girl

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That’s my roommate

Heh try the +9 swordhardt I never wanted,but recently free summoned him.

Yeah well this is the +5 I never pulled for… at least Hector benefits more from merges.

Same except idk what to do with mine. As for free summon I got Gaius.

I have a +2 on him I never pulled I’ll get there one day

Oh yeah… I forgot. I meant her. Still, she’s lucky.