The Absolute State of NA

It can’t be confirmed 100% of course, but it does shed some light in recent developments.

Witth some bitching on the side of course, so, please give your thoughts if you’d like.


Jp players in a nutshell


I find it really funny that jp players complain about na exclusive things when they had plenty of exclusive banners and other stuff every April fools

Idk it just comes off as petty. Assuming this post is accurate and maybe a bit hyperbolic (always gotta take things with a grain of salt), I’m glad the NA team has gotten more members and are willing to not put up with behavior like that.

A big take away for me is the fact that they confirmed they have no plans to accelerate na forwards.


I reached this point of the article

" We were directly told that members of Aniplex staff had received death threats over NA getting unique content, especially the Chaldea Breakroom content caused JP players to go absolutely ape and start sending them threats or disgusting, often racist, messages. "

And couldn’t help but ask myself: why? It’s only a game. To send death threats over something so trivial means that probably a lot of people have too much free time.


Naturally, I’m taking this with a grain of salt since it can’t be confirmed.

As to poor behavior by some JP players, even a very small minority of irrationally upset people could spread a lot of grief. I doubt that the average player cares any more about updates on NA than most of us do about updates on CN.


Four words: My Hero Acadamia Fandom


Oh yeah, this is very much a minority but i imagine NA staff just had enough.

Better for us in the end anyway.


It seems like they’re saying the right things. While I don’t want NA exclusives since I don’t like it when JP has exclusives either, if the japanese playerbase is going to act like that I don’t see a problem with doubling down on it

And I think any qol update should come ASAP since fgo’s gacha system and such is already ancient as is with almost no notable changes for years, so any improvements are welcome and should come as soon as they can

The coin/grail system coming early is good news and sets a nice example of what they have planned though

Now if only something could be done about the rates/pity


I’ve already made my general opinion on the complainants, but I can understand the frustration … to an extent. Some of these features could have theoretically happened sooner in the JP schedule compared to the other servers such as getting certain things like the Back button in battle, but they can’t fault the other servers for starting later. Especially since, regardless of whether or not the game is truly sticking to the 10 year only lifespan, the delay is really going to hurt the game for the non-JP servers as either they might not even last long enough to receive said features or clairvoyance will lead to a sense of apathy as they see the end coming and decide why buy into something they know won’t last. For that reason I see the early QoL updates as a compromise to the other servers.


Wasn’t Sakura-Con last month? If this information is true, why wait a whole month before telling people something this important? The huge delay really doesn’t help with fact that people are claiming that it’s fake.


Really my only reason why I believe at least parts of the the post are true is simply stuff that has happened in NA. Between us getting an extra banner with cu alter and sitonai during guda rerun, the coin system coming early, Also giving us ways to get lb mats early during events does give some credit to the claims being said.

End of the day take everything with a grain of salt but there’s also posts in the replies that also claimed to have gone to the convention and heard similar information along with the people claiming it’s fake so really who can say.


I’m with you on the mats part, though in this case, I just want to get Mana Loading for Okitan.



Those specific jp players are going to be big mad if we somehow get the (not the best) pity system this anniversary :fgo_insane:

Anyways my impression of jp players (fgo or other gacha) is they are very mellow so if this is true, it is probably just a small group of lunatics


Yeah sure ‘why wait for coins instead of posting right after the con,’ but you can just poke the SM PR team/stream team or whatever if you want eventual confirmation.

I think there is a shift in the NA side policy, regardless of whether the panel said so.

Profits wise the 330 roll pity should actually drive rolls up, not down. So if they can rearrange banners there isn’t much reason they can’t split them into solo rate ups and make 5th anni magical.

I mean I’m whaling my NP5 waifu anyway so this isn’t about me, it’s not hopium - it’s wanting the best for the game-state.


If anything JP should be mad at the devs instead of NA that it took them so long to implement a pity system in the first place. That’s a level of QoL that everyone should have. It’s not the other server’s fault for them taking their good old time with what should be an industry standard by now.


I sort of feel bad because I’m super guilty as one of the people who take forever to progress in main story.


Pity Vs the number of ragequits over 2k SQ no pulls. Or stone cold showers and no more SQ packs after such a disaster.

I can’t think of many occasions where such an ungenerous pity would reduce the number of total rolls.

It just stops attrition and encourages dolphin spending.

The militant f2p who saved 2k and got their thing in 900 wasn’t going to buy SQ anyway if 2k failed, and the safety line means they’re going to want more than minimum.


I never said it was a good pity system, but it’s sure better than nothing (ignoring the joke that is USOs)


I meant more a change on JP that would be fast tracked to NA

Again, I’m not a fan of exclusivity on either version since if I was on the side without the exclusives it would suck, and I don’t want that for other people


yes but we are talking about lunatics that apparently sent death threats to NA team :fgo_insane:

but really I don’t see most jp players caring about our server. lt doesn’t affect them at all

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