The Annihilation III - Flawless Run Project

I want to share with you fellow doctors my Annihilation III playthrough :fgo_happytomoe:
I already did a similar video some time ago, but that strategy didn’t always get to work. This time around I found the final piece that I needed to make everything work smoothly enough to always use Auto Deploy without mistakes: it’s Lappland :ak_laughinglappy:! Her Ranged Attacks are perfect to deal with some of the drones that in the past may have slipped away.
I worked hard to make this guide, even at the cost of my irl sanity :fgo_meltbirb:
Hope it can be of some help to y’all in need :fgo_pancakeslmao:

Link to my guide:

If this helped and you want to show me your gratitude, please support me liking the video and subscribing to my YouTube channel where I create and share my content for Arknights. Thank you :fgo_ereshlove:


Keep up the good work!

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I will, thank u :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Ah @MatteoM here is the guide I promised you to do. Cheers! :ak_redwut:


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The problem is that my Rooster (see it in Bored Doctah thread) of E2 operators is totally different from the one you use in your video.
So, i’ll surely watch it in a few hours (i have to go away now), but i doubt i’ll be able to run your team

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I think you can try it out switching some of the operators I use, because you have two core units like Exusiai and Lappland, which is good. You also have Angelina who is great! Switch:
Eyjafjalla :arrows_counterclockwise: Ceobe
Platinum :arrows_counterclockwise: Schwarz
Gummy :arrows_counterclockwise: Saria (which is also far better ahaha)
Liskarm :arrows_counterclockwise: even E1 Cuora is good or any other Defender honestly

The fact is that both Ptilopsis and Liskarm help a lot to recharge the allies skills faster. So I’m not sure if it will work, but try to replace them with any Medic & Defender and see how it goes. Good luck! :fgo_happytomoe:

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I have to try and tell you the results!

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Wish you the best :fgo_wow:

P.s. I didn’t say it, but any Vanguard should be fine to use, Texas is just the faster DP generator to use here together with Myrtle. The more DP you have, the better.

Is Monday your “Annihilation day” as well? In case, tell me how it goes. I am really curious to know actually if doggo Ceobe :heart: is good enough to replace the g.o.a.t. Eyja :goat:

Indeed it is, today when i’ll go home from work i will do annihilations runs.

I will try your strategy, even if i doubt it will work for me.
You have all operators E2, mine are mostly E1.
Your Lappland, a core of your strategy, is E2. Mine only E1.

I will try but i doubt

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I think it can be done with mostly E1 operators, if you have Lappland you can use her in the middle and for bottom use Shaw/FEater with s2, its a bit more management but it makes the bottom kinda free real estate. my only E2 so far is Meteorite and I use her where Mastro places her Eyja but my max so far is only 360 on this stage but I think it can be done if atleast entire team is max E1

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I can confirm it can be done with mostly E1s if you try hard. But some E2s are of course needed to make auto deploy work and to do it in safety. In my opinion Exusiai Elite 2 and a great AOE Arts Damage dealer like Eyjafjalla or Ceobe are needed. The real hard part comes after 350, when the Defense Crushers Army arrives. Ptilopsis can help a lot because as I said her talent makes recharge other units skills faster. Liskarm is another operator that does the same thing.
You can try it out @Pokute with my Eyjafjalla and see how it goes. At least to get to that 400 kills goal and reach the end. Volcano (S3) is very strong here as you see in the video.
Lappland @MatteoM is very good, but I did Anni 3 even without her. She is indeed needed more for dealing with the last drones more than anything else. I used Ch’en :ak_chen: in the past instead of her and she is fine as well. Lappland is just better for her aerial targeting feature :ak_laughinglappy:

Anyway I described my strategy in detail in the video description on YouTube if you want more info. However don’t consider only the operators I am using. There are a lot of super subs for them out there in your rosters for sure :fgo_happytomoe:

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Alright, I just finished with my orundum farming on Annihilation 3 and I’m proud to confirm you that Auto Deploy worked 5 times out of 5, so with 100% success rate :fgo_medealove:

Peace :v:t2:

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Damn I almost had it. Made a critical mistake and removed FEater too early at one point and let some enemies slip by. Its still very clutch for me but doable. Maybe will try to do 400 tomorrow, right now im out of sanity. Alas these 10 distinction certs netted me my own Eyja from the cert shop :heart_eyes_cat:. Also used your Applie Pie, Mastro :grin: :+1:

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NOICE :ak_talulahsmile:

Late to reply, but if I may suggest a modification:

At 350, take out Liskarm, then Chen bomb the middle, but you have to activate it as quick as possible. Then, redeploy Texas in place Liskarm. When Liskarm’s ready again, bring her back down. Repeat it again when the final Crusher arrives.

This should make the run more interesting at the very least.

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