The Askran army is ready to join the front lines! :feh_sharenacool:

Yet another thread to talk about the Askrans. But also a summon flex.

As soon as I saw the Heroes with Duel Skills in the calendar, I knew that Azelle and Pent had high chances of becoming the focus. So I hold off my desires to pull for the winter heroes and went budget on Legendary Byleth in order to get the best results on the duel banner.

With less than 100 orbs spent, I did get the units I wanted so much! :feh_arvispleased:

For the people who don’t know me well: Foddering single copies is something I try to avoid at all costs, no matter how much other units needs their skills. Plus, it also allows me to spend some time with the heroes to know them better. It’s a pleasant feeling to see them growing strong and remaining useful as I progress into the game :feh_deirdrehappy:

Which is why I spent more orbs into the banner. After spending a total of 341 orbs since the banner came out, the second copies came home! And a bunch of pleasant surprises, too! :feh_flaynsmile:

First Saber, first Annand, first Karla. And I can at last fix the IVs of Leo and Ayra. :feh_ayratea:

And at long last, the Askrans are finally complete. They’re ready to take on arena! :feh_alfonsesmile: :feh_sharenasmile: :feh_annawink:

Askran builds

Team score

And with Ninja Shamir coming in a few weeks, I can reach the same score with the build I’ve prepared for her. I don’t need to fish for high scoring that much compared to the previous times.

Thank you once again Orb Lounge Thread to help me set my saving goals and for everyone who supported me. :feh_annawave:




Excuse me?!
Here I am happy to finally complete my goal and share with everyone else my happiness and you come with this very rude reply?

Please delete this post. This was uncalled for and I don’t want anyone mocking me.


Aye gtfo of here


Edward, It’s Lain

You shouldn’t expect anything else from him/her/them they show up every now and then with a very sarcastic set of words to say that comes off as uncaring


well now you’re gonna get mocked for missing a very obvious joke

Congrats on getting the duel skills for them :catclap:

Love to see to see askr trio get some love for a change :feh_alfonsesmile: :feh_sharenacool: :feh_annawink:


Yay! Congrats!
Cmon I feel 2022 is the year the Askr trio will get updated and upgraded, they deserve a free resplendent treatment or even the chance to merge them.


Not everyone finds it funny.


Whether you find it funny or not it was clearly a joke

And telling him to delete the comment is just throwing gasoline on an open flame

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Awesome job @Edward_vyse! The Trio is looking good and ready for the arena :catclap: :feh_alfonsesmile: :feh_sharenasmile: :feh_annawave:


I will leave you with this edward:
wigbert pat

good job lol


Congrats Edward, glad to see your goal complete :fgo_ereshwoah:

You’ll always have a bonus unit at the ready :feh_flaynyay:


Bruh, this was a joke…

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Honestly that sounds a little offensive as it comes off as personal attacks.


Should’ve used this instead.

It’s a joke. Don’t kill me. I know it’s for arena.


Jesus christ who tf would write stuff like this as a sane person, unironically in someones post who just did something dope just to offend them with even stupid pictures, ofc its a joke
I just have to spam emotes or need a disclaimer because people still get offended by this shit after the 3 years I’m here ffs…

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For what it’s worth

everyone else knew you were joking lol

I can’t believe that comment seriously got flagged and hidden what is wrong with people

To be fair, not everyone knows you or knows your sense of humor. Not sure why that’s got you so pissed. Intention and tone are incredibly hard to know unless you actually know the person, or see context clues (like an emote, or lol or /j, etc)


Because his post got flagged when it was quite obvious that he was joking?

Wtf is wrong with you. I can’t believe you’d ever type anything like that. You should be ashamed of yourself. I can’t wait to flag and report every single comment you make from this point forward because I’m heavily offended by your comment. Next time, please put a trigger warning because comments like these make me sick to my stomach and my tummy starts hurting. I can’t believe you’d intentionally write something like this just to get my tummy riled up.


Quite obvious to who? People who know him and his style of humor? Again, not everyone knows who he is. Or assumes he’s joking. There’s plenty of people in the world who act like that kind of asshole.

Just feels pretty standard to me to include some kind of obvious tone-designation. A lol, a serious line or two saying good work, whatever. To remove any doubt.

I just don’t get why this is so surprising to you all. Not everyone memorizes account names, or is even on here often enough to “get it”. Its not like he got banned or something.

But this is kinda off-topic, so I’ll leave the conversation there.