The Azur Lane thread!


S’up! I decided to make the hopefully definite thread for the mobile game Azur Lane, it was originally an idea I came up with after @daisyjane proposed in another thread we moved up our game discussion to a PM, but then, I thought making a thread might be more interesting, users would likely feel more comfortable and know of the existence of this “chat group” of sorts.
…So, here we are. :upside_down_face:

I also made sure there wasn’t a thread for general discussion about the game before this one, the closest I found was a “brag roll” thread which I think is probably best left alone.

What can be posted here?

Short answer: anything.

It doesn’t matter what it is (questions, tips, fan #art, lucky pulls, guides, your appreciation to a ship… anything that comes to mind so long as it’s related to the game and complies with the #gamepress community standards), go wild and have fun.
Derails may occur, after all, this is #gamepress, so it’s nothing new. :upside_down_face:

In the case of fan #art, it’s highly appreciated to credit the artist by linking to their post in at least one of their SNS profiles, like so:


Also, this thread can be revived anytime, at least I would like to encourage anyone to do so no matter how little you have to say, so long as it’s within reason and topic, like… you could post you want this thread to resurface after a time of inactivity to see who else posts on it.

Some things to get this thread started, from my part

:arrow_right: To note: from here on, reading is optional to read as I’ll mention a few people and talk about what I think of the game, and a few things that aren’t related to the thread’s explanation.

I was thinking I could start talking about how I’ve found this game and my experiences with it so far, it’s also an example of what you can post here.

Before what I’ll explain, I want to mention I also tried to play it a little (a couple months ago) since I think I saw a few interesting ships, but quitted quickly because it reminded me of certain past experiences that left their mark on me in a negative way.
Nonethless, I could return with unwavering conviction and actually find myself engrossed playing and keeping up with the events, as well as forming actual bonds with some of the characters — the ships.
While playing, I noticed how F2P friendly this game is, but I’m still learning and I got little to grasp from PvP, but in PvE, even with Common rarity ships, I’ll still manage just fine so long as I keep them upgraded, but my picky nature to train only faves has kept me on check as to who to discard, who to send for comissions only and who to keep for my teams as well as appreciating for who they are, even with those filters, I found some likeable enough ships, from the higher categories: Dido, Atago, Taihou, Formidable, Belfast, St. Louis, etc.; and even lower ones such as Vincenzo Gioberti.

So, it was a night of the Feb. 1st, after arriving from a trip to start readying my phone’s storage, a Xiaomi Redmi 7A.
I’ve been deciding since a couple days before then, because I’ve found out about Trento thanks to @Johnny45, I loved her personality, she’s like a big sister and believes more gentle approaches are better than punishment when something goes wrong, I also thought she’s beautiful, and she is, actually:


I don’t know exactly how good she is, but even if she was terrible, I would still go all out , favourites make it easy to the top tiers with the power of love and win over the metagame. :clap:t2:

Naturally, because I started near the end of her event (she’s a free ship given to players that clear some chapters from the event), I missed her, and here I was eager to get her. :fgo_seiba:
But I’ve decided to still play anyway, because I started to find other potential ships I’d like to save for, such as Atago, Belfast… among others, but here’s one that’s truly special to me, that’s…


JP name: ダイドー


When I saw her, read her quotes, I instantly realized that she’s the one, The AL Best Girl(Imo ofc).
Why? Let’s read some of her quotes:

Master, you won’t abandon me, will you? Can you promise not to? Can I place my faith in you, Master? You are trustworthy, are you not? Ahh… I hope it wasn’t a mistake to place my faith in you…

It is a pleasure to see you, beloved Master. Please allow me to serve and soothe you with all my mind and body. After all, I am your personal maid, and that is my duty.

I beg your forgiveness, Master! Please do not discard me like this broken doll…!

Wh-what was that? How could you possibly love a lowly maid like me…? R-really? Truly? Honestly…? The Master likes me. The Master really likes me… Ahhh… Help, I can’t stop smiling…

(Quotes provided by the Azur Lane wiki)

Analysing her quotes and voice tuning, as well as watching this spotlight video, I could infer some traits of her personality:
Before her apparition in Azur Lane, Dido was a battleship that was disassembled after its failed performance at a certain war, when it’s summoned as a character (known as a “ship”) in the game, she’s portrayed as a shy but caring and gentle individual that wishes to do her best for her Commander(the player / you / me / or whoever else playing the game) as their personal maid, in fear of being scrapped again, her fears originate from the events on said war.
Once the player unlocks the “laboratory”, they get access to researches, it’s implied in a dialogue that [Wisdom Cubes] (the coin you use for pulling in the game’s gacha aspect for a random ship) are a key ingredient of sorts to build many different kinds of ships while doting them with soul and body collectively, the time of construction varies with each ship… And, as a result, when the player manages to build Dido, they meet the young, self-deprecating but very servicial girl we were talking about.

This is more or less what’s Dido like as well as how she originates, now, why I admire her so much? First of all, I think she’s very sweet and heartwarming, relaxing to interact with, I also think she’s really beautiful, I find her designing rather special, I can’t figure out how to describe this feeling though, but when I think of her, I feel I have to protect her from being scrapped, my headcanon is that I’m there to cheer her up and let her know that everything is okay, that she’ll not be abandoned again… it’s the same feeling I had shown previously with Sara from Fire Emblem, in which I want to do whatever it takes to ensure that special someone’s safety from falling into despair.

She has a “skin” (an optional, attainable customization layer that alters how a ship looks and/or what they wear, some of them have animations with the help of a technology called “Live2D”), in the case of Dido, hers doesn’t have animation, but when purchasing her only skin, you may change her aspect so that she looks like this:


It’s a rather radical change, right? But this is my favourite design by a large mile.
Yes, I love the purple color no matter how dark or light it is, this piece has the most purple out of the three she has, but that’s not the main reason, I’m a sucker for this kind of artwork, I can see I don’t have the right words to describe how much I love this skin (but I want to find them out!) I also think the black/white wings as well as the long dress make of such an amazing touch to her design.
I don’t know yet if this drastical appearance change would make sense, but I want to figure this out once I purchase her skin (completely doable as an F2P, I just need to wait for when the devs make it available and gather 900 [Gems] (I have 120)), since some of her quotes may change.
However… does this mean I like less the OG design? No! I think it’s cute and wholesome, it has its own charm.

Dido has a separate version that appears in limited instances (unlike OG, who can appear anytime in the Light pool and takes 55 minutes to build) with an added “μ” letter (lowercase Mu from the Greek alphabet) next to her name, she looks like this:


In this version, she takes on the role of an idol, in case you don’t know what’s that, here’s an article explaining so:

She participates on a program of sorts known as “Muse” (this term also serves as an alternative way to refer to this version of Dido) but she continues to be the same Dido we now know, as shown in her quotes:

Between my idol lessons and shows, training and my maid duties, all to be useful to you, Master… It’s a lot of work? You want to reduce my workload…? P- please don’t throw me away…!

Singing is more about conveying one’s feelings than it is skill… So I will keep singing for you, Master…

It’s unthinkable that a lowly maid could shine onstage with all of you… But I will redouble my efforts to be worthy of the honour! All for the sake of my dearest Master!

And that’s how I came to consider her the best girl of the game, again, Imo. I even feel inspired to write a review for her, but that’ll only occur when I mastered the gameplay aspect as well as fully maxed her out while also collecting her only skin for OG, since I want to share how she plays out and my experiences, as well as stats like I would do with a FEH review (feel free to check them under the tag: #af1899-reviews).
I’d make a few templates with HTML + markdown to get started as I may also review other characters I liked, and post them in this section or maybe in #lounge:cc, I’m not sure yet.
This allegedly TBA review, as stated before, will cover the ship’s stats and classification, gameplay analysis, full story and personification analysis, basic artwork commentary, the usual on a FEH review but with an extra and changes since it’d be an AL review.

And before Dido, I’ll admit the war for best girl spot was tough between Atago and Taihou, I didn’t know much of the ships yet bit I thought those two were interesting, then I found Dido who snatched away the chance for anyone else to win this difficult competence.

…And I just realized I wrote so much. :fgo_ereshdistress: Hopefully it was an enjoyable read for you, I’d be delighted to know in any way! :feh_florina:


Here’s what I saved up so far from playing approximately ~12d from zero.

Before I got this much [Wisdom Cubes] (83), I was pulling for Formidable and Littorio (I thought she’d be my liking but I forgot to look at her quotes lmao, she’s okay but I’m not invested on her, I just think she’s gorgeous).
Dido (OG only) appears in the Light pool and each day, players get a daily free pull, it costs 1 [Wisdom Cube] but you get it back with the daily mission.
Dido takes 55 minutes to repair and there are at least 2 more ships that also take that amount of time, meaning it can be Dido or any of those ships, once building is done (Sirius and Black Prince). I’m still not fully understanding the gacha mechanics so I feel I’m missing something, I hope to correct it in the future!

As for [Gems], I wish I didn’t misclick twice on the [Oil] recovery prompt, I didn’t realize the confirmation button was at the left. :feh_tooobin: So now I have 120 [Gems] instead of 220, my first goal is 900 for OG Dido’s skin.


@Johnny45, @Master_Squalala, @daisyjane, @Orilla : I figured you guys would like to be @ed for the existance of this thread, you all can track/bookmark/etc. it to avoid missing it easily, I’ll be often posting here, and I’m hoping that any players of the game will bandwagon in. :catdance:

I apologize if any of you didn’t want this mention though, I can remove it anytime.

The End

Thank you, if you’ve made this far! Or just skipped it to this part.

Feel free to comment on anything related to the game anytime and/or suggest changes to this post… even any kind of feedback!
Audio embedding doesn’t work inside details blocks so I would’ve hidden all I wrote for Dido in those blocks. :fgo_seiba:

Oh and you can post UIDs too, just be mindful to add server at the very least, since there’s no cross server compatibility afaik.
In my case, I play in Amagi and my UID is 340023775 (you can also look for my name, I appear with the same one as here and the message “#SavingForDido :sparkles:”.


So the Weeklies end on Sunday (and don’t reset until Monday I thought it was they end on Saturday LOL okay this is good to know. (still don’t regret my pulls yesterday for the Sirius merge and new Glouchester). while leveling up my ships for the next event (my goal is to be able to be strong enough to clear he maps on all 3*'s and get the goal for that ship (I didn’t get to do that last time), I was finally able to get the last Starter I needed

I also got Saratoga

which is lovely :) I am more happy when I get the ships from pools that I know i’ll not be summoning on. (aka: heavy/special). .

Today’s daily pull brought me my second copy of Chao Ho

Which is actually my first event ship pulled since the first day of the event. (I was saying with the amount of rares i got - while pulling day 1, and even my random Gloucester - i was surprised that I didn’t get another event ship). I would have been fine with any of the 3 (though Ying is my favourite of the 3 but i love the brush art here).

So i am just saving for the next event. It doesn’t seem like there’s one like EVERY month so it would be nice to really start creating a cache of cubes so when events do show up, i have a nice nest egg. Today is just gonna be the grind again for me.


Nice job! Yes, weeklies do end upon reset every Monday (surprisingly enough, resets also take place at 4 a.m.), I’m glad I waited so I got a good bunch of [Wisdom Cubes] from one of the quests.

I’m also saving the [Wisdom Cubes] and closing to 100, I think the next event info was posted but I don’t believe there’s anyone I want. :thinking:


well you always get them “back” on dailies.

For me. i spent the X amount i needed to claim the weekly cubes, so i got a net of 1.

i’m just training my zombie fleet - they are doing well, but hit a wall on 4-3. this is good. - should be good on the next merge.

had an elite ship (drop only) as well

yay :clap:


I started playing Azur Lane yesterday, and I’m having already a lot of fun. While I don’t understand half of what i’m doing, I find the battle system pretty fun, merges looks pretty easy to get. They seems pretty generous with summoning currency (unless it’s just the beginner “bias”) and the stamina system looks fine (not like the atrocious system of Genshin Impact).

I managed to get Dido in my pull, which is much appreciated. She seems to be a very likable character and I’m hoping she’ll bring me in the path of greatness !

For now, I’m trying to get either Chao Ho and/or Ying Swei.

They look so cool ! The problem is that there’s only 4 days remaining, and I still haven’t got any focus unit in 40 summons. Hope that’ll go well.


Oh ofc, it’s just that there was a weekly quest that gives 6 of those items, it was a nice boost to my savings.

I don’t remember who I got today but I instantly retired her.

Who’s that btw?

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Ohoo lucky! Dido! LOL She’s an amazing ship- and honestly if you do Fleet “Maids” she does great things for them. (i love a lot of the maids, that’s why i want her and she’s pretty as well). I’m glad that she’s in light construction.

there are a tonne of videos. (but they are geared for the super heavy meta stuff so i take it w/a lot of salt. we can just help each other).

No - it’s not beginner bias. they are generous. you can also grind for coins easily enough. it’s generally Oil (and coins) that are the harder things to come by and you can do things like build oil efficent fleets. basically the trick is

1: don’t limit break any unit until you are at level 70-80-90 (etc). this saves on the oil.

2: there are some units that are SUPER good on oil (the Fletcher Class (Aulick, Foot, etc). and the Zombie Fleet (Cassin/Downs/Phoenix). so you can grind w/them in lower chapters to get stuff (and then later to baby your ships that need xp). Sooner or later you become swiming in a lot of resources (books etc etc) so a lot of people have their Level 120 Ship (for harder content) and then their LB0 shps for grinding. (I am not there - and honestly - if you are hurting that much on oil, just rest and do oil comissions)

Be stupid careful on what you spend your gems on. the priorities are:
the Dorm: (at least until the 5th slot)
Dock Space

then everything else filters down on Skins/Promise Rings etc etc etc.

even if you just want skins - i would still prioritize the dorms/docks because you simply never know what ship girl they’ll come up with (and sometimes thereally good ones are actually available from grinding the event

for Chao/Yin/Penelope. I got my 3 copies in about 60 pulls (it was so clutch because it was Back to Back (Ying/Chao) and then the first Ship on my last 10 pull was Penelope). and then I got another Chao today. (which was a week without getting a single SR/Elite until Saturday (Sirius/Gloucester). so… even w/the Elite rate up i know a lot of people were struggling.

theoretically they aren’t “good” but the thing w/this game a lot of the content - you can do well with “not good ships” i just love hem because they are gorgeous). You do miss out on the other event ships that we got for free (you simply don’t get that much time)- but it seems that these two (An Shen, Fu Shan) show up every Lunar new year so that’s not too much of a big

@af1899 - that’s Shigure :slight_smile: her first appearance is in 4-2


Neat, also I didn’t know that about the [Oil] but I noticed it’s a bit harder to recover. :fgo_gawainupset: So I could try making a separate team for grinding only like you suggest, I’m auto battling 3-4 in hopes I can get Akagi but no luck so far. :fgo_seiba: (She can drop in the boss node of the chapter)
Thanks for the info though! I’m sure it’ll be really helpful for others

Also, guys, please lend me your luck, I would like anyone in the Dido class. :catsob:

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Akagi/Kaga are… well it’s tough LOL.
i got mine within 2 weeks. but people have taken months (years) to get them).

Okay, I don’t know about those “synergies” yet, but that definitely looks interesting (and probably essential to go past the “early game”). I think I have another maid, so I definitely should check about how those synergies works.

Well… oopsie.
I already upgraded Dido twice, but then I figured out that it makes battles so much more expensive, so I’ll slow down a bit about it. I’ll also check about those oil efficient units, that looks interesting to know.

Yeah, I figured out that I should upgrade the dorm as soon as possible (pretty much the same as the castle in FEH to get more xp). I don’t have dock space problems yet, but I read that it’ll happen pretty quickly, so i should watch out about it.

Honestly, it’s too early for me to care about what’s good or not. For now, I just want to pull for ships that looks pretty and have fun with them (and then regret doing it ?).

Thanks for the advice anyway. It really should help !

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R.I.P., but still, got to try. :fgo_casgilworry: I love her OG artwork also:

But I think I’ll continue to progress in the story so that I can be over with it already, another thing I noticed is that St. Louis can drop in chapter 10-3 IIRC, and that’s another one of my targets. :thinking:

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I was SO close to finishing at the rank of commander, but i got Lieu. Commander (and i have 7150 merit) - I’m saving it for South Dakota


@Master_Squalala - dont worry about it - you can balance it out with using cheaper ships… but sooner or later - you’re gonna be spending mucho oil. LOL.

with all the Bulins you get (Gold + Purple) you’ll run out fast. (and you’ll want them for event limit breaking)

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Oh for sure. i grind 3-4 constantly (it also drops repair kits which are so important) and i wanted the Fox Sisters(and I got Bunny Sisters) so it was win win. :slight_smile:

I’m the same way, the moment I see a ship I like, I want to use them no matter their viability and throw away anyone that’s not my liking. :feh_tooobin:

But I’m trying to keep as much ships as I can for [Comissions] as those are nice to have AFK rewards, and now, having a grind team will be essential for me but I won’t go super crazy on those ships.

i wouldn’t do that.

like throw away the ships that aren’t to your liking etc because they can all come in handy. to be fair it’s like are you collector vs. just gonna play to get the x amount of ships you do like. but just researching - there have been a lot of events stuff where you do need different factions/ships/combinations to unlock certain items. even having them at level 70 etc will make life easier. (you just stick them in the dorm).

though to be fair.
i retired Tennessee because (well i thought i had a lot of her) + - she’s not very pretty so lol

Ah gotcha, there’s the docks space issue also, but since I’m not pulling that often, I tend to hoard ships for fodder or comissions (a few of them have really restrictive conditions :tired_face:).

Some others are used for enhancing my faves, which I’m certainly keeping.

Yeah. I had to reject some comissions in the beginning. (and some had cubes).

i guess it does depend on how you play at the end of the day. there are a lot of ships that i know i want (and i am approaching this like FEH where basically a lot of ships i know I am going to Max Limit Break etc so…). there is the rookie quests (where you can get Portland-Nelson-Free SR ship) where you like have to have 12 ships at level 90+ your starter and Portland Retrofited and max limit broken etc so…

and again just by watching videos - we do get enough F2P gems to expand your docks (a few times). and the dorm… which is (IMO) more important than the skins. Even my best friend who plays this and ADORES skins said that at the end of the day - that paid off more than the skin (also again i know for me - i live in the world of “I want to be prepared” LOL ie: there are gonna be ships i KNOW i’ll want so i gotta be ready" which is why i am taking time building up my fletcher fleet/zombie fleet for the event level low grinding so i can use my heavier oil fleet to get the other suff. daily log in and just dailies give you like MUCHO Bulins… (which you’ll need if you’re determined not to pull that often)…

the dock space adds up.just things to consider.

Portland seems fine, so I wouldn’t mind getting her [Retrofit] complete.

I also want to be ready. :eyes: So that’s why I save my [Wisdom Cubes], the current banners aren’t really relevant to me fortunately.
But as for my [Gems], my OCD wouldn’t allow me to use the [Gems] for the [Dorm] (or anything else) even if that was like the best use — believe me, I understand how useful that is — but part of me can’t stop thinking about how I need to work on getting the limited skins I’m eager to get, like Dido’s [Anxious Bisque Doll] — and that’s in favor of character appreciation, besides, I’m handling just fine as I don’t use many ships, but again, I know AFK EXP is handy to have.

I need her, she’s too precious. :catsob:

well, i gave me two pennies worth of advice. so as long as you are okay w/your decisions. :feh_lucyshrug: (and i’ll support it. lol i don’t want to be a nag. i just don’t want you a few months from now having a limited skin but not being able to get other stuff or advance).