The best units for Fort. Def/Res?


I still don’t know what units function the best with Fort. Def/Res, so I’m posting some builds I made for feedback. Are these good uses of Fort. Def/Res?


Why Aether for Garon? He won’t be hitting for much damage due to the attack reduction of using two Fortress skills.

Anyway, Garon, in my opinion, is one of the best users of it. Lightning Breath for Distant Counter, Fortress for bulk, Guard for Special charge cancelling, Atk Smoke for extra +7 bulk after the first battle, and Quick Riposte seal for more Special charge and a bit of extra damage.


I’d thought of having his special be Glacies, but I thought Aether was a better option. I didnt take into account the damage he’s actually make, so I’d change his special to Glacies.