"The Best Uses for Restricted Section Books" - Become the Beast

Hi team.

First, I would like to thank you for all the effort put into these guides, it is really helpful for a beginner.
I just consulted your " The Best Uses for Restricted Section Books" guide, in which you state that we can’t get the “Become the Beast” perk through the next Brillant event.

I was checking this yesterday, and there is a path around I believe.
I think you should be able to go down and reach “The Bravery Charm”, then go back up to reach “Become the Beast”, this for only 15 books.

Path would be as follow:

This is the way I intend to try and follow. So far I’m out of any scroll as I’ve been completing every perk, but if I manage to follow that path, I’ll let you know.


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Just FYI - Brilliant Events allow for 15 Restricted Books to be acquired.

“Become the Beast” is 15 by itself, but it also requires you unlock “Luna’s Stamina Charm” to open the path to it. You cannot gain access to “Wilderness Wards” via “The Bravery Charm” and go up that path. I tried.

Therefore, don’t be too worried about spending 8 books (4 Restricted x2) to get both “Luna’s Stamina Charm” and “Stamina Charm Maxima” to unlock both paths to get your Initial Focus to 5.

Then, when the next Brilliant Event comes around, you can get “Become the Beast” and have your Initial Focus prepped so you don’t need to use Potions to get yourself there.

Sorry for not answering before, I did not connect for a while.
I received a similar answer through Reddit.
Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.