The Bunny bites back

Hi everyone!

My Panne wasn’t getting much action lately, and I knew I had to Spice things up a bit :thinking:

Her refine and a Build I saw on Reddit gave me an idea, and I had to try it out:

It’s still missing an upgrade on DC (still considering if I should go for the Atk or SPD, but since they are both stuck on seasonal units I have time to decide).

The Build is Simple:

  • As long as I outspeed the Enemy and it isnt a Dragon, I Will double without getting hit back.
  • With the Speed smoke 4, I can get dmg reduction and once Enemy phase starts I counter attack anyone thanks to DC.

Here’s the final result:

Really cool uh? :feh_dimitrismug:


I think her son put it best: “Don’t mess with the bunny!”


Very nice :catclap:


She looks amazing. Her refine really did wonders for her.

I’ll need to remember this build as she’s my next grail project. So many people want Spd Smoke 4 though.


Speed Smoke is super good on many units, but since infantry can get dmg reduction from other sources I felt like Panne deserved some extra love :sweat_smile:


It is so good if your not a sword/lance/axe infantry. I’ve set a team aside to keep track of my top 4 candidates. Currently Arete, Nowi, L’Arachel and Leonie. Panne would unfortunately come in at the back of the list. Needs some Atk/Spd Catch 3 bridge fodder for the cavalry ladies too.