The Child Banner that Could have Been: Echoes of Youth

First off, congrats to the Sacred Stones fans who got their youthful units. This isn’t a salt post, I really mean that. I’m just thinking of what we could have had, with little effort.

So our first Kid banner was Shadow Dragon, yeah? Well, what should come next, chronologically?


And the kicker is, we already have designs for the youthful banner. IS just seems to enjoy pretending that they don’t exist.

So I’m gonna do what could have been done already. This isn’t a full unit draft, I’m not thinking up ideas for individual effects, but I’m still gonna archive it with the rest of mine.

Alm: Young Conqueror - 5*

Young Alm
HP: 45
ATK: 44
SPD: 20
DEF: 34
RES: 31
MOV: Infantry

BST: 174

Weapon: Mycen’s Training Sword (Sword)
Special: Moonbow
A: Bracing Stance 3
B: Duma’s Brand
C: Joint Drive ATK

Celica: Young Princess - 5*

Young Celica
HP: 36
ATK: 39
SPD: 36
DEF: 26
RES: 29
MOV: Infantry

BST: 169

Weapon: Heirloom Dagger (Dagger)
Special: Sol
A: Swift Sparrow 3
B: Mila’s Brand
C: Joint Drive SPD

Kliff: Scholar-in-Training - 4*

Young Kliff
HP: 40
ATK: 42
SPD: 27
DEF: 28
RES: 27
MOV: Infantry

BST: 164

Weapon: Lemegeton (Green Tome)
Special: Blazing Wind
A: Life and Death 4
B: Watersweep

Gray: Troublesome Two - 5*

Young Tobin
Could also be Tobin: Troublesome Two. Chose Gray because we know he has training.
HP: 40
ATK: 45
SPD: 40
DEF: 26
RES: 23
MOV: Infantry

BST: 174

Weapon: Merchant Blade (Sword)
Special: Galeforce
A: Heavy Blade 4
B: Apotrope
C: Joint Hone ATK

Faye: Young Love - TT

Young Faye
HP: 40
ATK: 42
SPD: 31
DEF: 24
RES: 27
MOV: Infantry

BST: 164

Weapon: Seraphim (Blue Tome)
Support: Anew
A: Fury 3
B: SPD Cantrip 3

NOTE: Did initially want to make Alm/Celica the Duo unit, but we already have that. Also considered Alm/Faye.

Archived Unit Suggestions
New Units

Kaze, Easygoing Ninja
Aversa, the Dark One
Vaike, Zero to Hero
Inigo, the Flower Picker
Shinon, the Deadly Adept
Kjelle, the Fair Fighter
Panne, the Proud Taguel
Tatiana, the Saint of Duma
Kana(♂), the Child of Dragons
Kana(♀), Dragon Spawn
Velouria, the Wolf Cub
Kellam, the Oft-Forgotten
Walhart, the Conqueror
Hardin, the Dark Emperor
Gharnef, Dark Pontifex
Astram, Midia’s Pride
Reina, Morbid Fixation
Rudolf, Rigelian Emperor
Gangrel, Mad King
Berkut, Duma’s Knight
Nergal, Dark Druid
Say’ri, Blade Princess
Kiran, Legendary Summoner
Lianna, Aytolesian Princess
Anankos, Silent Dragon
Atlas, Village Protector
Rinkah, Scion of Flame
Altina, the First Apostle
Byleth, Observer of Time
Edelgard, Imperial Princess
Dimitri, Holy Heir
Sylvain, Sincere Knight
Seiros, Sacred Saint
Rhea, Vengeful One
Mycen, Valentian Legend
Balthus, King of Grappling
Morgan, Dark Future

Unit Reworks

Elise, Light in the Dark


I would love to see Baby Valentia, and if Faye were the TT unit? Oh man, that’d be so good.

If anything, I think Celica would have to be the frontliner of the Duo. Ephraim proves you can be part of two, on as the lead and one as the backup. Celica’s been the backup, so they could go with her as the lead with this kind of banner. Oooh, maybe with Conrad? We never saw Young Lyon or Tana or Innes but they made them, they could easily design a young Conrad to go with her.


Rip tobin lol :feh_tooobin:




A young Conrad would be difficult, since Celica never knew him much and thought he was dead. I was under the impression that Duo units were characters who had some kind of bond, that’s why I went with Gray and Tobin, since they’re best friends. It’d be interesting to see what they did with a young Conrad, though. It would also give them ground to make the Duo a Cavalier, instead of all Infantry like here.


Special quote from Gray and Tobin:
Tobin: Let’s g-

Gray: Shut Up Tobin


Honestly, I only picked Gray for the lead because we know he went with his father (I think) on merchant trip, so he likely has a bit of training in combat. Plus, it made the weapon easy.

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Fair enough


Personally I didn’t really want the starting villagers as our one set of echoes content for the next year and a half but i think young echoes will eventually happen.

Personally I’d rather echoes get a New Heroes banner before a seasonal one atm.


wow just like ive been talking about since last april

Im glad im not the only one


That is a fair point, and we have enough options from what’s presented to fill a banner with Duo and TT without adding others. It could definitely work, it just also seems like Duo are always protagonists and major players, so I’d be pretty surprised if they did opt for Gray/Tobin, but it would definitely be more unique than most.


I’d rather they just remember it exists. :feh_tooobin:

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I just want a banner

Its been over a year


I’m still kinda guessing, and hoping for, SoV could be the midpoint of this book.

Echoes doesn’t sell very well, so they can boost sales by putting a Mythic on the banner with them.

And since Echoes doesn’t have a lot of remaining females to choose from, a new Mythic can help solve this issue for IS.


Bebe Kliff as the 4 star is perfect

Nice theorycraft. I’m super hyped for the SS one (favourite FE, ofc I am :feh_nino:) and I’d rather Echoes get a New Heroes but I’d still love to just see more Echoes content


I imagine we’ll probably get it eventually. Looks like kids are here to stay, so SoV is an obvious choice for it.


Don’t lie to me we all know that the duo would have been Celica and Alm with Celica as the lead this time


There actually is a young Conrad design!

He shows up in one of the memory prisms

There’s also already a Cipher card of little Conrad and Celica


Celica + Conrad would be a great cavalry duo it seems.


Childhood Echoes would be such a natural choice. Maybe next year.

I’d also like Awakening kids if this is now the permanent April seasonal theme. The ones born in the saved timeline though, rather than the kids growing up in the Grima besieged timeline.