The Child Banner that Could have Been: Echoes of Youth

I want a child banner of olds chara!
Likes Athos, Nergal, Dolza, Jagen, Gunter, etc…

SoV’s fifth anniversary is next April (in japan) and Gaiden’s 30th anniversary is next March so it’ll probably happen next year


Awakening 10 year anniversary will also be next april so it will probably take priority :frowning: Maybe they’ll do both!

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forgot about awakening :fgo_meltpensive:

unless they do two different banners I hope its not together

ig one of them could wait five more years lol if feh lasts that long


Next April we should be getting a Harmonic so they could be together. But I wouldn’t use anniversary years to try and guess next year’s child banner. This year is Sacred Stones’ seventeenth anniversary and that anniversary is in October. If they were going to do the child banner for an anniversary again, it would have made more sense to do Genealogy as its twenty fifth anniversary is next month.

That being said, I’d love to see child banners for both SoV and Awakening. There are designs for little Lissa, Emmeryn, and Chrom that are adorable



If Dagr got a LHB im pretty sure Nott will too.